Define On Slap Meaning

On Slap
Means when something is really good and/or delicious in reference to food... Aka "on hit"

Whoa that beat is "on slap" mode! Man that burger is "on slap"!
By Luelle
Music that is desirable.

"Man, you heard that new Mike Jones album? That shit slaps!"
By Alia
Slap On
A dildo that has some form of adhesive, that literally allows it to be slapped on, over the woman's vagina. The infamous danger being it detaching in a compromising position, such as pegging.

Mary stood up slapped on the Slap On and was ready to peg.
By Ruth
crackin songs from the bay area

"you got any mac dre slaps?"
By Daphene
Slap In
The process of putting a pinch of chewing tobacco into ones mouth.

Guy #1 "dude, let's get going, we're gonna miss it."
Guy #2 "hang on yo, I gotta slap in quick."

By Brear

By Sibyl

By Flora
sf bay area term for playing loud muisc from your car.

report to your scrapper and commence slapping
By Dniren
To Stop the Slot Machine while it's spinning in hopes of winning a jackpot that the machine wasn't going to give you.


I took my sister to go Slap-it at the Casino.
By Ferdinanda
To be highly intoxicated from the effects of alcohol.

I was so fucking slapped last night, that Jack kicked my ass.
By Evonne