Define Online Games Meaning

Online Games
The only thing that would make a gamer choose a macintosh over any other OS,due to game developers not wasting time on making games for a paper weight system ...a MAC.

win user:Hey bro,did you install that game on your system?

mac user; No, Im still trying to figure out why i spent money on a web based system ,when i already have a cell phone to play online games.
By Regan
Online Gaming
1. A thing in which the nerds and social rejects of the world come to join one another in the fine arts of accusing someone of being a "FUCKING H4X0R FAG" or saying "I OWN YOU", all while masked by the anonymity that is the internet.

2. An activity in which, should its contents are taken with a grain of salt, can provide endless hours of happiness.

Nothing like firing up some CS:Source and spraying some offensive logos to watch the hardcore gamer's responses.
By Avivah
Online Gaming
The downfall of man.

Only faggots play games online and coin stupid terms and think there cool for saying it. Online gaming is pointless.
By Nellie
Online Gaming
Online gaming is the most geeky thing to do in the world, especially when you're on MSN and you're always "away" or "busy" and don't reply to people who try to have a conversation with you. People who do online gaming use terms such as n00b, FTW, pwnage & AFK. Online gaming is exactly the thing to do if you want to become a nerd and waste your days doing basically NOTHING.
Online gamers can be very cute though (after all they're still human beings like the rest of us) that's why my definition sounds so bitter, because I think those people should focus on other things, everything but gaming.

(on msn):

me: hey wassup?
online gamer (20 minutes later): Online gaming
me: oh okay.. I'll shut up then
online gamer: :-)

^^they do that and later on regret it, but they don't realise how stupid and mean they sound at the moment they say it because they're in a trance, caused by playing online games.
By Odele
Online Gaming Cunt
An Online Gaming Cunt is an online player who believes that they deserve to win every single game. If they win they will claim it is because they are the better player. If they lose they will moan that they were cheated or that the connection was bad. They will often cheat to win and then claim they are the better player.
An Online Gaming Cunt is an amalgamation of a bad winner and a sore loser.

Jeff is an Online Gaming Cunt. He beat me and spent the next 20 minutes in the lobby calling me shit.

Palcro just cheated to beat me and now he'll tell anyone that will listen that he is the superiour player. He is a complete Online Gaming Cunt.

I just beat Alan and now he's claiming it was becasue his connection was bad. What an Online Gaming Cunt that guy is.
By Mandy
Online Gaming Max
Online Gaming Max or OGM is well known Hax0rs tool for playing online games such as Counterstrike. Origianally developed in sweden by sven goran erikson himself

RaBB is blatently using the OGM. 0.5 interp ffs!
By Marnie
Online Gaming Max
The ultimate cheat only used by pro's like RaBB, it was developed in the under-lit bedroom of a random shlag in Manchester, and is now the greatest cheat available, plz do-not underestimate the power of OGM.

oh my good god, it appears that my right leg has been OGM'D.
By Madelin
Mame Online Games - Juegos Del Arcade
Eso es exactamente lo que sucedió con los viejos sistemas de juego Una vez, han sido glorificados por el extraordinario entretenimiento que brinda al público de juegos. Pero ahora, están justo al margen de nuestra memoria, siendo demolidos por nuevos sistemas de juego que, como se mencionó anteriormente, pronto se convertirán en tecnologías antiguas una vez que se introduzcan nuevos sistemas en el mercado.

Atari 2600

El Atari 2600, que se lanzó en octubre de 1977, se convirtió en el primer sistema de videojuegos exitoso en utilizar cartuchos enchufables en lugar de los juegos integrados tradicionales. Originalmente se conocía como Atari VCS (Video Computer System), que se modificó en Atari 2600 en 1982 después del lanzamiento del 5200 más avanzado. Está equipado con dos controladores de joystick convencionales, un cartucho de juego y un par de controladores de paleta adjuntos .

Estos son solo dos de los cientos de sistemas de juegos antiguos que habían sido glorificados en los primeros años de los videojuegos. Aunque la mayoría de ellos tienen finales tristes, su contribución a la industria de los videojuegos será recordada y servirá de inspiración para el desarrollo actual del sistema de videojuegos. Pero si aun quieres recordar los juegos mame no lo dudes mas y entra a y disfruta esos juegos tan queridos.

Mame online games - juegos del arcade
Hola amigos bienvenidos a mi pagina exclusiva de esta plataforma que nos lleno de alegrías cuando salíamos del colegio, recuerdo que tomaba la leche y Salía corriendo con unas monedas para gastarlas con gran placer en los Arcade de los 80 y hoy podemos jugar nuevamente a todos los juegos de mame en mi sitio web. entra visita mi sitio y veras que no te vas a arrepentir! Gracias amigos y vamos a jugar a las maquinitas!!! ;)
By Felisha
Online Game Remote
Online Game Remotes are an incredibly rare type of technology.

Most Online Game Remotes are hidden inside area 51 or other government testing areas.

The majority of moms would kill for this rare remote.

Whoever owns one of these remotes is most likely wanted buy the government.

Son, once i get ahold of one of these Online Game Remotes you and your friends will be done for.

Son! Son! I just got ahold of one of the highly rare Online Game Remotes! Cant wait to fuck up your games!
By Lauralee
Online Gaming Syndrome
is when you get beaten so much by other people who are better than you, it causes you to become discouraged to continue playing, and you question why you keep playing, this usually lasts until next morning, rinse repeat. the only way to have it permanently gone is to GET GUD

i suck at this game..... oh wait i have online gaming Syndrome
By Rachelle