Define Or Something Meaning

Or Something
suffix added to a phrase to lessen the stupidty of it.

Bush knows what he's doing... or something.
By Goldia
Or Something
The next big expression. Said out of the blue when confused or when you don't know what else to say. Also used at the end of a statement if you are not confident, unsure, or embarassed about the statement.. or just to add that little extra specialness.

"You're hott.. or something.."

"Those pants were 50 dollars.. or something."

(someone does or says something dumb)
"...Or something..."
(usually with a weird ass look on your face while saying)
By Vinnie
Or Something
approximately so. roughly speaking. thereabouts.

Woody Allen: The only thing unusual is that she's Mia's daughter. But she's an adopted daughter and a grown woman. I could have met her at a party or something.
By Cassandre
Or Something
Used cleverly to include any other possible definition, therefore guaranteeing that you are being, technically speaking, honest, truthful, and direct.

I am the most badass motherfucking god since Anubis... or something!!
By Dona
Something Something
"Something something" means that whatever the person is talking about isn't worth clarifying.

"Why didn't you show up?"
"Something something work."
"Yeah..." -leaves-
By Hildagarde
A special quality - usually associated with sex appeal

The girl's got that something/something, just sayin'!
By Tammi
A word you have looked up on urban dictionary because you were bored.

I'm going to look up something because I'm bored.....
By Katheryn

Hey that's something
By Sula
Something Something
when you want to decirbe something which is really good.

we had the best dinner last nigth it was something something....
By Darsey
why are you reading this? do you not know what something is? are you stupid? so stop what your reading and get to work you lazy person.

still reading i see WELL NOT ON MY WATCH!

why are you still scrolling?

your wasting your time

ok im done


ok now im done

something is something
By Janel