Define Pancakes Meaning

A food that is in a round shape and can normally be eaten for breakfast or as a desert,served with either sugar,lemon,syrup

Billy:Mum can i have some pancakes for breakfast please.
Mum:Sure,would you like it with sugar or syrup.
By Jacquenetta
Female breasts pressed against glass.

Eager to show the neighbor's her kink, Linda heaved herself against the living room window, inviting local man-syrup to be poured on her pancakes.
By Lauren
What Prince served to Charlie Murphy after he schooled his ass in basketball.

Interviewer: All right he beat you in basketball, and then what happened?
Charlie Murphy: After it was all over, he took us in the house and served us pancakes. Pancakes.
By Lindy
What you basically call a flat ass.

Friend 1: Dude have u seen the new girl, she's pretty hot but she got pancakes
Friend 2: Pancakes, pancakes everywhere
By Brynn
Crack. Coming from an episode of "Family Guy".

You got any pancakes left?
By Nerita
a life changing miracle of fluffy happiness man

so i had some pancakes today. it was so great, i gave my pants to a hobo
By Amalle
Something is like pancakes when it is all exciting at first, but by the end your fuckin sick of em.

Man the movie was like pancakes- Pancakes originally a joke by the late great Mitch Hedberg
By Lilli
when a girl has a flat ass

Darryn: Cj look-a-dat bitch righ der, she aint got no ass
Cj: hell yee, she got pancakes
By Ingunna
Slang term for the act of cunnilingus. Used in certain online circles as a method to make a point but avoid censorship.

Female - "Hey cutie, wanna have some fun?"
Male - "How bout I throw you down and give you some pancakes?"
By Sara
an idea or choice that seems like a good one until you have it in front of you

dude that is idea is pancakes
By Robbie