Define Partial Meaning

a partial erection. Not quite a hard on or a boner.

That shorty aint too bad. I know whatcha mean, she gave me a partial
By Tiphany
When someone is able to take their teeth out in order to give fellatio.

"Did she give you a partial"
By Ann
an almost useless hard-on. the state of a dickbetween flaccid and proudly erect

the thong I had on was so tight it kept my dick folded inhalf, I never got a stiffy I was held to a partial the whole day.
By Lucinda
when the question "nudes?" fail, you turn to a different question, "partials?". Partials meaning to get pictures of them partially naked. Could consist of them being in their bra & underwear, underwear & covering their boobs, or some kind of "tease shot".

Some girl didn't want to send me nudes, so I asked her for some partials. They were more satisfying then not getting anything at all.

Guy: Hey baby you wanna send me some nudes?
Girl: I don't think so.
Guy: How about you send me some partials?
Girl: I'll think about it.

Partials OR GTFO :D
By Barbey

Until I was 6 years and 8 month, I could only partially take off my boxer brief undies!
By Malory
Sexy Partial
1. For sluts who you don't trust with a real dick pic
2. A picture that exposes a small area of the private parts to illicit further interest without complete compromise

Dude she's so fucking sketchy, the only thing she's getting from me on snapchat is a sexy partial.

Omg, I got so wet thinking about what his dick looks like after he sent me a sexy partial.
By Noelyn
Partial Day
Used as a substitute for 'half day' in the context of attending work. The purpose is to be vague, so as to not obligate yourself to actually being present for at least half the work day.

He's taking a partial day today, so he'll probably show up at 3pm and leave at 5.
By Chiquita
Partial Credit
points you gets on an exam when getting the answer wrong but has supporting work that shows you kinda know what your doing

damn, that test was hard! lets go partial credit!
By Emeline
Partial Unbirthing
Fetish of an adult head inside a vagina. Term was created a few decades ago when the fantasy of unbirthing was broken down into total and partial types with partial unbirthing being the only remotely possible form of the unbirthing fantasy. Even then it is an extremely rare activity and the practice of partial unbirthing, as opposed to the fantasy, is not a form of Vore.

See a google search for partial unbirthing
By Zelda
Partial Bedding
When you bed a girl but she doesn't stay the night.

Tor: "Wow you guys watched TWO movies back to back. I hope you got some kissy kissy time in"
Ryan: "You'd think. It was a partial bedding. She was waiting for move, but I laid like a pencil instead and walked her home afterwards in absolute shame"
By Ardelis