Define Pass Meaning


-Would you like a drink?
-No thanks, I'll pass.
By Ruthann
1) - To hit on a woman, make a pass at

2) - To throw the ball across the line of scrimmage in football

3) - The act of throwing, kicking, etc. the ball or puck to a teammate in any sport

4) - To be granted a reprieve from being whacked (killed) by the Mafia. Called "given a pass". Forgiven for your sins or indescretions.

CATCH THE PASS! - Blades of Steel, Nintendo Game System
By Karrie
The act of impersonating a Caucasian is called "passing for white" or simply "passing". Light-skinned blacks or Latinos may have engaged in this activity (especially in pre-1960's America) in order to obtain privileges available only to those of the honkey persuasion.

See: The Human Stain, Imitation of Life

The back of the bus seems kinda crowded. I think I'll pass for white today.
By Deanne
pass-pull aim squeeze sweep-acronym for using a fire extinguisher in case of fire. new acronym of pass during pull out sex. PULL AIM SQEEZE SKEET

i'm gonna pass on my girlfriends face after her eyebrows get waxed
By Sandra
Does not have a twofold meaning, as those who pass the school evidently did not go to the school and therefore by a process of logical deduction could not pass exams either.

I did pass the school as the park provided natural recreational education.
By Vi
To ask to go to the bathroom or go to your locker.

Dr. Barno, Its sabrina again, can I use the pass?
By Aurelia
A person that has passed A.K.A passed away

My father has passed yesterday
By Eddie
An easy way to avoid literally any question.

Random Female: Does this dress make me look fat?

Potentially You: Pass.
By Lynna
What you shall not do.

You shall not pass!
By Twyla
Pass It On
You receive something from a third party, and then you share it with another or others.

For instance, if you acquired some kind of knowledge from someone, and then you went on spreading it out, you "pass it on."

Have you received any act of kindness? Pass it on.

Are you done with the platter of chicken? Pass it on.
By Minny