Define Paul Meaning

A man who is addictive and unforgettable. Someone who a woman, since a girl, has always desired to be close to. Distance is his kryptonite, and he will be yours. He is intelligent, sarcastic, and has an infectious laugh. Plays the guitar, has a crystalline voice which infects your veins with fluttering dragonflies. He is the one that was so close, yet got away for reasons you don't understand. His memory brings to mind Neruda poetry and hot summer nights.

Careful, he is a Paul. Get too close and you may just fall in love and into heartbreak.
By Laurel
A common given name for males, derived from the Roman surname Paulus (Latin: "small" or "humble"). Put simply, it is the greatest name to grace the Earth. Seriously. It is the best name in existance.

Why is the name Paul so awesome?
Cause' Stone Cold said so.
By Maxie
they sweetest guy ever, raised right and has the greatest respect for women. The perfect boyfriend who will always be there for you and love you.

paul martinez
By Francisca
people who own, such as paul mccartney and paul rudd. usually they are offered the job of being pornstars but they prove themselves being too good for the camera, so they all decide to become porn directors to give the others a chance, which makes them very selfless people aswell.

"i wish my name was paul it wouldnt be so hard to get chicks on the bus"
"having a name like eric really blows i wish the 4 letters in my name were p-a-u-l"
By Rae

By Lenette
Wierdo who has a wife goose.

paul has popcorn with shingirl at the movies
By Katey

"What's his name?"
By Mindy
either old and sad. Or young and sad. Very sad. He's nice, big ass feet. Sensitive but sweet. He's fucking hulk lmao. Either way he's sad. and he likes to buy people food, but sometimes he gets greedy and keeps it all for himself. honestly like fuck off but still owowo

Paul! Can i have a jolly rancher????????????
By Margie
people with the name paul are often mysterious as it seems on the outside but is a very kind and caring person on the inside, they will listen to you and be there for you when you need them. to have a friend named paul you must be very lucky, cherish them and care for them dearly. oh also they are very smart.

paul is god.
By Romona
paul is the sweetest guy u will ever meet, when u first meet him he may seem shy but once u guys get to know each other u always want to talk to him and get to know him even more. he will always be there for u even if u hurt him, may be weird at some times but that’s what u love ab him. he listens to every word u say and understand everything u do. he’s there for u 24/7. he wants to help u he wants to be there for u. paul overall is an amazing person to be around.

“who’s that tall guy

oh that’s paul he’s really nice”

“oh i know him he’s friends with my friend”
By Rubetta