Define Pay Meaning

a term commonly used amongst members of the gay community to describe something that has been ignored, disregarded, or neglected.

I'm paying the situation.
He's paying my phone calls.
She paid my advice.
Pay it, honey.
By Janella
To 'pay' something or someone is to think its good or hot.

1: "I pay that new hat you've got."
2: "Do you pay that chick over there?"
By Naomi
To die or be destroyed. Originated from the phrase, "Pay with your life."

Why won't you pay?!
You just payed!
Oh you will pay!
By Dorella
half of the term "pay out"

1. Quit trying to pay out Alex cos he's fat
By Ainslie
shit deposited in the toilet

I searched the entire fair for Gooby, when i heard him yell out from the restroom area, 'I just dropped the most rank pay that toilet has ever seen!'
By Janenna
drugs or dope...usually refering to cocaine or crack

he must be on that pay-pay if he thinks I'm gonna give him any money.
By Ruperta
Pay It
to ignore something or someone to act like you dont care but a small part of you do care.

i know she wanted me come over tonite but i decide to pay it.

By Ann-Marie
Often confused for the past-tense of the word "pay"

If you paid attention in school, you know that the past tense of “pay” is “paid” except in the special sense that has to do with ropes

“He payed out the line to the smuggler in the rowboat.”
By Kylila

"You are such a pai"
"No u! :D"
By Idelle
Pay It
Pay it no mind, dont let it bother you.
Also can be said "dont even pay it" as in (dont pay it any mind)

"She was real upset how the client was saying nasty shit to her... I said girl, its his problem, dont even pay it."

"My mom was gettin in my face about all that...but y'know , I paid it..."
By Dulce