Define Pedro Meaning

A son who is loving and sweet. He is a real man. No chasing after loose mujers! Pedro always wipes his feet. Sometimes un poco late, but it is in the nature of a mother to be forgiving.

Pedro: Yo soy un real hombre!
Me: Si, mi beloved hijo! Remember to wipe your feet. And always stay safe! You don't want any loose mujers claiming to be the baby mama of any of your ninos!
By Daune
a complete dickhead that always does ur heading trying to get you back with your ex. he also is in love with maria and goes out with her.

dude: god pedro stop being such a dickhead
dude2: yeah pedro for fuck sake stop u dickhead
By Sabina
a guy with a big dick loves pussy he drinks

pedro has a big
By Raina
Added to the end of any sentence to make spanish.

Greg:Como estas mi amigo?
Anderson: I'm fine you nut job who belongs in a psychiatric home, pedro.

(This is an intelligent spanish conversation.)
By Jesselyn
(baseball) Refers to Pedro Martinez. His pitching was good enough that baseball players, pundits and other fans need only refer to him by his first name to understand the notoriety behind the name.

Damn, the Braves are facing Pedro tonight.

The Red Sox are sending Curt Schilling to the mound tonight. Pedro will start tomorrow.
By Nollie
a thick moustache making someone look like Pedro from napoleon dynamite

Have you seen Joel shaws tash. Yea boi manz got a pedro ting goin on init.
By Hortense
A very thin moustache, much like that grown by teens. Given its name because if used with tan skin and dark hair, one can appear Mexican.

Man, you have GOT to shave that pedro.
By Brittney
A very lonely man, has good friends, but sometimes thinks that his friends hate him.
Always try to help people when they are in love, also called "Black cupid".

person1: Poor pedro...
person2: Fayled to help gina now he is sad..
By Jackelyn

pedro is so gay!!
By Davina
a mexican bus driver who goes oh yeah and is senile.

oh yeah pedro bus bounce mad high.
By Lavinia