Define Pee Wees Meaning

Pee Wees

Pee Wees need to be checked by the O.G's
By Clary
Pee Wee
Something that is small or not a big deal. The term derives from pee wee baseball, the league for the youngest age group.

Compared to heroin use, cigarette smoking is a pee wee addiction.
By Aeriell
Pee Wee

The act of masturbating in public (mainly in a movie theater, but can be anywhere in public), getting caught, and, in turn, ruining your career.

Guy 1: Man, I'll never work in the preschool again!!
Guy 2: What happened?!?
Guy 1: Pee wee, nigga, pee wee.
By Justinn
Pee Wee

Those pee wees be shooting up shit down crenshaw
By Natalya
Pee Wee
A super awesome dog who happens to be a Chihuahua.

Jerry: "Man, what is that?"

Me: "Are you blind? Thats's Pee Wee!"
By Felice
Pee Wee
a beautiful girl with a heart of gold.she can be your best friend,or worst enemy.she'll tear you apart if you hurt her,or her friends.pee wee is an amazing let pee wee go if you get her in your life.

ex: dang that girls a pee wee :D
By Sarena
Pee Wee
Crack; $5 worth of Crack

Fuckin clown ass niggas be servin up Pee Wees down on my block.
By Nadeen
Pee-wee Trophies

A cheap plastic trophy given to a young child that signifies no achievement whatsoever.

You kicked the ball! Yay! Have a trophy!

You failed to kick the ball and fell on your face! Yay! Have a trophy!

"My kid has stacks of these crappy Pee-wee trophies at home gathering dust..."
By Claudette
Pee-Wee Defense
The Peewee Defense is the defense employed during an argument by somebody who is bad at debate (or is trying to argue a really stupid point), generally when all other forms of defense have been exhausted or they otherwise run out of options. It consists of one individual attempting to turn the debate against the opponent by accusing them of the exact same statements being used by the opponent.

"Only an idiot would rely on the Pee-Wee Defense to win an argument."
"I know you are, but what am I?"
By Dacy
Pee Wee Furman

I, Lord Grim, am not sorry for making Pee Wee Furman
By Dodi