Define Peewee Meaning

n. Someone of Small Stature or Size

aka Scott Cohen's nickname is Peewee due to his small size. Penis and Body
By Lara
1) Someone who suffers from nocturnal incontinence
2) A guy with a pathetically small todger
3) Aforementioned tiny member

1) "Oh look - Peewee pissed himself again"
2 + 3) "Put the peewee away, Peewee - I'm not surprised you can't satisfy your girlfriend!"
By Violette
Maybe small in stature but big thing come in small packages. They are hard working, kind,laid back and fun to be around. They are very caring and have lots of friends.but do not underestimate. They are very protective of there children, significant other and family. They are one of a kind.

Anyone would be lucky to have a peewee.
By Aimee
The guy who got caught having too much fun in the theater.

Now the parent's hate him, even though they've probably whacked off before.

I bet you've thought about doing "it".
By Lyndel
That kid who’s balls never fell with a small dick we call him peewee

Listen peewee she is looking to feel good, not be understood.
By Berry
A peewee is something a young child has. It's young child because peewee also means small

Did you see that peewee
By Caron
Peeweed (Pee-Whead) - Noun

Definition: Seaweed from the Pacific Ocean Surf that generally comes with bodily fluid overflowing from sewage such as Pee, Feces, and Semen.

Example: “Hey Bro, I just got this new Trader Joe’s seaweed. Want a taste?”
Paul: “No bro I’m okay, I have some tasty Peeweed on the table here.”
By Aurilia
Best nickname ever and whenever you say peewee you have to use a high pitched voice

PEEWEE (^◇^)
By Melanie
To take a hardcore mountain bike and put on street tires, fenders, high handlebars, comfy seat, etc.

The guy who bought my beautiful Kona has gone and Peewee-Hermanized it.
By Patsy
Peewee Hill
The arch in your best friends back when he fucks your wife doggystyle.

Charlie gave cookie a hell of a "peewee hill" in the red dodge.
By Grier