Define Pendragon Meaning

1) A person, usually someone from the UK, who has a very large ego and flaunts it as a power, using it as an advantage against others.

2) Ringleader of a sophisticated gang.

You don't mess with him, he's the leader of the Vipers, a freakin' pendragon!
By Matti
A series of books written by D.J.Machale. Pendragon is a series of an adventure through time and space, and a 14 year old boy named Bobby Pendragon. A very good book series...

I cant put down the Pendragon Series
By Lonee
A cold heartless earth deity bent on the annihilation of the human race and world domination. Known for manipulating females into submissive contracts for life where they proceed to train them into modern day Valkyries. Identifiable by their low body temperatures, cynical demeanors, and the weakening affect of being out in the sun for long periods of time has on them.

Kai Vessalius was such a cynical and demanding child his parents feared he would become a Pendragon.
By Ashely
Arthur Pendragon
He is #daddy. Arthur is a hot, brave, sexy beast. He is also a clotpole, dollophead, prat, royal ass, ignorant, and loves to take his shirt off. He thinks his servant Merlin is a complete idiot, but also loves him.

"Arthur Pendragon has hot nipples"

"Arthur Pendragon is Jessie's husband"
"Arthur is such a clotpole"
By Rozina
Arthur Pendragon
He is daddy.

(Aka Jessie Thomas's daddy)

"Arthur Pendragon has hot nipples, he makes me moist"
By Frannie
Danny Pendragon
A person, generally male, who believes in the Norns, Odin, and all things Norse. NOT to be mistakenly associated with the book Pendragon, which totally blows. He is usually a badass and listens to Viking death metal.

Lucy: Ohmagosh, that boy is so metal. He melts my face.
Tina: He must be a danny pendragon. For sure.
By Candace
Bahamut Pendragon
Bahamut pendragon is a term describing anyone who is morbidly obese and bitter about his impending death from heart failure.

That fat guy is a real bahamut pendragon.
By Selma
Blade Pendragon
The term for a hot sexy Irishmen with a big penis.

"You are such a Blade Pendragon."
By Farrand
Rhydian Pendragon
A very gay wierdo that thinks he's not a emo

*rhydian pendragon walks in the room*
*person 1 says* " next please "
*person 2 says* " shut up he is allready emo enough "
By Juliet
Artoria Pendragon
A character from the fate series. She’s a part of the servant class : Saber.
She’s also named the king of knights. The weapon she hold is named Excalibur in which she was able to pull out.
She’s sweet, trustworthy, brave, beautiful, and Cares for her master/ people she trust and likes. She also regret her past and wish to change that.

1: Do you know Artoria Pendragon from fate series?

2: Of course she’s my favorite!
1: Agreed!
By Orelia