Define Person Meaning

1. That guy you see when you look in the mirror.

2. A form of kickboxing most commonly used by the Japanese sushi chefs.

1. I looked in the mirror the other day and saw that one person.

2. The art of Personing has been perfected and reperfected many times over.
By Emmalynn

By Scarlett
Plural form: people.

Also, see dumbass.

I'm surrounded by stupid people. Stupid people who think school is a waste of time and would rather get a job drug dealing or prostituting.
By Henrie
What you call a person that annoys you or makes you very angry when you are lacking a better term or are trying to refrain from using profanity.

He was taunting her endlessly so she finally turned around and yelled, "You PERSON!" and stalked off.
By Dulciana
any animal who has 46 chromosomes, and is built on our human genome.

"Screwing anyone who isn't human is beastiality."
By Kelcy
The opposite of a alien

A person is a mammal and is not from outer space, therefore it is not a alien.
By Timi
a smart or nice human also caled a person or they can be a dinkis and be dumb

By Anne

By Leesa
A different form of an insult. Most commonly used when one is lost on what to say in order to insult another.

You person! I hate you!
By Jerrine

you are a person
By Nedda