Define Perverted Meaning

A things every teen denies being, but usually are

I'm not perverted, sure I like porn but I'm not a pervert!
By Mahalia
What many of the posts on this website here are.
What happened to everyone's mentality?

some examples:
-Look up "Buddha", and go towards the last pages.
-Look up "Brooklyn", and look at some of the stuff under it that start with "Brooklyn".

Pervertedness = evil
By Hanny
a person who only talks sexual terms constantly, and tries to feel u up and down, left and right, and tries to hook up with boys and girls no matter who they are, ugly or pretty.

By Clarita
Something or someone that has deviated from what is considered right, correct, natural, moral, ethical, or its intended function. Examples of perversion would be "perverted justice" or "sexually perverted acts".

A perverted person is also known as a deviant or a sicko. Such a person will have deviated from a healthy sexuality into acts that may include one or more of the following: homosexuality, voyeurism, sadism, flashing, masochism, prostitution, incest, paedophilia, bestiality, rape, swinging, or some other indecent act.

"Dude, check out this goatse website"
"Woah!!!! That's really perverted man!!!"
"How so?"
"Dude, just because it fits, it don't mean it was meant to go there!"
By Andee
A word that can be used in pretty much any situation to describe something with a negative connotation. Does not apply only to situations involving sex or whatever.

dude 1: "Donald Trump is way too ugly to bang the chicks he gets"
dude 2: "Ya, that guys totally perverted."
By Minnnie
the gradual process of becoming Perverted.

Rual is going through Pervertation and will soon be Perverted like all the rest of the kids at Daniel Junior Middle School.
By Katinka
90% of people on urbandictionary. Don't believe me. Look up something nonsexual and I guarantee you that you'll find at least 1 or 2 definitions making it sexual.

Generic example person: generic example phrase to show you mindless drones how perverts is used
Generic example person 2: generic example response
By Alta
What we all are, but are too afraid to admit.

im a pervert ur a pervert but noe one likes perverts.
By Josee
still unknown because so many of your definitions are fucked up

if porn is the greatest thing in the world, how come you're still saying that perverts are the people who look at porn?
By Eleen
A common household object that can be "perverted" for a sexual use, commonly for spanking. Examples include: hairbrush, spatula, bathbrush, carpet beater(rare, but painful!), belts, paddles (ping pong paddles, sorority/frat paddles), spoons, towels (wet towels), cutting boards, riding crop, ruler, etc.

Non-spanking pervertibles: baby oil,cooking oil, whipped cream, chocolate, lotion, hot wax, ice cubes, bandannas/handkerchiefs(blindfolds or gags), fruits/vegetables, gloves, nails, pins, needles, fire, feathers, etc.

His girlfriend was being saucy while they were fixing dinner, so he grabbed a spatula to use as a pervertible. Saucy girlfriend soon had sore behind, flushed face, and a wet pussy. Dessert took place in the bedroom. ; )
By Jada