Define Phlegm Meaning

the green snotlike substance that rattles in your throat when you cough,especially after smoking about 70 cigarettes

the old woman 'hawked' up a large gobbet of 'phlegm' from deep in her throat,and spat it onto a shop window,where it bounced once before clinging to the glass and spreading slightly,waiting menacingly,for the first passerby to brush against it,transferring the green bastard to their expensive designer top so,when they, arrived everyone at the party would look and wonder.
By Minny
A multicoloured substance that usually comes out of yoour nose when you sneeze excessively. Can also come out of one's mouth in a few circumstances.

Looking at his kleenex he noticed that he had sneezed up quite a bit of phlegm.
By Petunia
something I barf up.. when I cough..

Damn shit.. listen to dat anerexic, belemic chick in da batroom.. Gurl maybe she sick.. don't hate if you don't know..
By Daisi
A water based gel that, when caught in your throat, causes your voice to resemble Christian Bale's in his portrayal of Batman.

Joe: Hey, Gerald, you sound like you have a cold, try coughing up some of the phlegm.

By Kary
A cool aura surrounding a person. Most of the time a sense of confidence exuded from the person. Their talents bring out the best of his peers, and he is level headed easy to get a long with, and is renowned, as well as, successful. Even with his enviable good fortune other don't feel jealous, and support their developmental growth and good fortune.

Leroy: Man, don't you love being around Peter.
Anna: Yes, there is something around his Phlegm.
Leroy: Our group is making money hand over fist.
Anna: He really brings out the best of our team.
Leroy: His confidence is almost contagious.
By Rosemarie
Mcdonalds Phlegm
The greasy, phlegmy feeling one experiences not while eating McDonalds, but immediately after finishing. Typically first noticed in the parking lot. Usually accompanied with mild nausea.

Walking out to my car, I noticed the McDonalds Phlegm kicking in. Ghaack!
By Sarita
Bell Phlegm
the type of discharges usually secreting from the urethra when a venereal disease is present. Often greenish, thick in texture. sometimes flecked with blood

(also as 'bell flem')

trying to urinate from his scabby chopper was painfull. all that popped out of his piss pipe was bell phlegm
By Valma
Butt Phlegm
When you're going to have diarrhea and you're trying to poop but nothing comes out and you wipe anyways and it 's just that slime on the toilet paper.

I've had diarrhea all day and now when I try to poop all I have is butt phlegm
By Ameline
Phlegm Wad
A tightly compacted and manually gathered mass of mucus and/or snot produced by the respiratory system.

She hocked and spit a good phlegm wad. snot phlegm mucus loogie
By Vivien
The act of announcing oneself or adding emphasis to by trumpeting a phlegm-fueled harrumph-pa-rum-pum-pum-pum attack on unsuspecting eardrums.

Thar he blows again! Much to everyone’s annoyance, Captain Phlegm-Ahem announced his presence from behind the cubicle by coughing up a white whale and launching a series of lung biscuits over bow.

Ahoy matey, stick a cough drop in it! Or; better yet, stop being such a Moby Dick call in sick!
By Carin