Define Picked Up Meaning

Picked Up

Driving home from the bar last night I was picked up.
By La Verne
Picked Up
a common reference by parents for kids getting a 'ride' in a police car.

this was used almost as much as "put your eye out", ANOTHER phrase APPARENTLY in the 'parent handbook', i became EXTREMELY weary of hearing!!

i'm not coming to the police station when you get picked up!

the jenkins boys were constantly getting picked up for various infraction/s.

the police picked up a couple in a church parking lot trying to 'sock it home'
By Loria
Pick Up
The process which entails meeting a dealer in a (usually) prearranged place, and purchasing--'picking up'--your dope.

Guy 1: "Oi, where an' when we goin' to pick up?"
Guy 2: "We're on our way to the kebab van right now to pick up you twat."
Guy 1: "Yaaaaaaay!"
By Britni
Picking Up
Verb: To purchase drugs, or "score". Usually referring to the purchase of weed

By Dominique
Pick Up On That
Get to know or become aware of (this or that). Determine following investigation or unexpectedly.

Friend 1: Hey, I knew it was you!
Friend 2: "I was afraid you'd pick up on that".
By Wanda
Pick Up
To meet someone, usually at a bar or party, and persuade them to leave with you in order to have sex. Used for in-person encounters, as opposed to hookup, which can also be used for internet meetings for sex.

Did you pick up last night?
No, man, I was there till the lights went on.
By Darby
to pick up, to buy drugs.

u pickin up a tens off bill?
By Bel
Pick Up
To get a member of the opposite (or occassionally, same) gender's contact details so as to schedule a date.

So, did you pick up last night?
Man, movies are great places to pick up.
By Lilli
Pick Ups
Fresh pair of sneakers you just bought or arrived though mail (FedEx, UPS, etc.)

My fresh pick ups just arrived in the mail today. The Jordan IX's.
By Malorie
Pick Up

Man, I gotta pick up that new e40 cd.
By Melisandra