Define Pity Meaning

what you have when you feel sorry for someone and want to do something good for them.

I pity him so i walked over to him and talked to him
By Fara

Me:I made out with a fat chick.
Mr.T:I pity the fool
Me: points at self
Mr.T:Nods head
By Josephina
Something the strong offer the weak due to some internal feeling of sorrow or sadness for them. However totally unnecessary and should be given to noone.

Pity should be given to noone
By Scarlet
stems from pity sex or sex with someone you don't consider to be of the same caliber as yourself. to have sex with someone.

i'd have pity on your mom for like two and a half minutes. i don't want to brag maybe three. okay, at least five if i was thinking about baseball.

By Cissiee
Such A Pity
Used to describe something that is pitiful. It is usually muttered under your breath, so that the someone a/o something doesn't hear how you feel about them.

Sarah: It doesn't look that far.

Jareth: It's further than you think. Time is short. You have 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before your baby brother becomes one of us forever. Such a pity.
By Wenona
Something described as pitiful is not considered to be satisfactory or deserving of respect:used to say that you consider something to be very bad or not satisfactory or not enough:

Craig never comes home. Therefore, Craig is pitiful.
By Nan
Pity is 'thinly veiled hostility'.

By Darrelle
To be sad for. To... Ummm.... Pity..... To sympathize for you....

Pity: something I don't need. Nor should you give it to me.

Pity: I fell of my bed today...

She pity the floor.
By Dorolice
Someone sad and depressed that has a effect on woman , that causes them to date out of pity and or giult.

most often a beta or a Brett Rischer

Brett was in love with a emo loli 'scene' girl, but got cucked. So Alison decided to go on a date with the little Pitied
By Eva

My girl is so pitiful. She does nothing but complain about how hard her life is.
By Julina