Define Pl Meaning

Term used in MMORPGs refering to "power leveling" a character. Process where one character is much higher level than another and is used to either kill monsters (Mobs) for the lower level character or to bring it to the point of near death so the lower level character gets full credit.

Man, I got this new mage toon rolled and I need Eric to use his druid and pl me tonight.
By Mercie
ok with a typing error, started when people wrote "ok" really drunk. Used sometimes by mistake, but mostly knowingly instead of ok.

Wanna play some golf?
By Marianna
an abbreviation some people use for the word "please". similar to "plz" or "pls".

Pl send me an email today.
By Morgen
parking lot. usually used by REALLY COOL SCENE KIDS who hang out there.

"hey guys wanna go hang out in the pl!?"
By Adey
peng legs-very nice sexy slim long legs,
also can be combined with pa for a
double p meaning peng arse and peng

man that gals got pl
woooo that gals got douple p
By Fancie
Pls No
When you tell somebody to stop before they make a huge mistake

Player: I will drop this doll into the lava
Guide: pls no
By Fan
The act of joining the server PotionLand, Also short for PotionLand.

Friend: can you PL?
me: not right now i'm busy
Friend: can you PL
Friend: can you PL
Friend: can you PL
Friend: can you PL
Friend: can you PL
me: ok fine
By Bevvy
Shorthand for please, but nowadays since texting shorthand isn't really used, it has actually become something of a separate entity. It has made it into verbal speech, such as "lol", and is pronounced "plz" or "pluz". In this context, in in and of itself can be used to mean:

"oh please" used to call out one's bullshit.
"please no" a subdued beg for mercy, usually from an online roasting.

"I had sex with this really hot girl!"

"Everyone has to learn it by tomorrow. Especially Jason"
By Rodi
Short for "please", used in email by lazy asshats who put the minimum possible effort into being polite. Usually used in messges demanding something that's trivial for them but a PITA for you.

To all staff: Pls make sure your T.P.S. reports have the proper covers.
By Glenine
Pls is a slang word used when something is ultra funny, it is often used with lmao.

By Phyllida