Define Plank Meaning

A dumb person..a piece of wood

You stupid plank, You lost my plank!
By Coralie
A stupid or silly person. Having a similar mental capacity to a piece of wood.

By Kathi
An extremely painful excersice in which one puts their elbows and toes on the ground and straightens their backs. aka Bows and Toes.

PLANK. up for 60 seconds, down for 10
By Thelma
Posting up on a object while lying completely flat (like a plank of wood).

By Diannne

Bro #1: dude check out my longboard

Bro #2: that plank is sick as hell
By Kaia
slang term for Xanax, Alprazolam, benzodiazepine class used to treat anxiety disorders

mr.a)Say fool you got any planks?

mr.b)yeah they hittin 3 for ten

By Lilli

Johnny:Tell a funny joke!
Johnny:HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one buddy!
By Drucy
A slang term for a bed or place of slumber (typically used for only one night). Oftentimes, refers to a spare bed or couch that can be used to crash overnight, yet the definition allows for any sleeping place (ex. mat, floor, extra lawn chair, etc.).

Friend One: "Bro I'm coming back to Toronto for a night, can a mandem bless me a plank?"
Friend Two: "Ahh don't worry fam, I just got a spare bed"
By Belvia
a stupid person or pice of wood

u stupid plank

i ahve a 2x4
By Sheri
In the situation of being about to be fired, laid off, or dumped, as in "walking the plank", "on the plank", "went off the plank", etc.; from the pirate custom of making superfluous individuals walk off a plank at the side of their ship and fall into the water.

"I hear Millie's on the plank and they're just waiting for an excuse to let her go."
By Hendrika