Define Planning Meaning

Plan For The Plan
business jargon that represents the fact that no one knows what the fuck they are doing

We can't commit to that yet, we need to develop a plan for the plan first.
By Marje

Dutch needs 1 more score for his plan to work you just need more faith
By Mariele
The Plan
The biggest fans of Gross Gore, known for spamming WideHardo

Yo, did you see what The Plan did? They were spamming that chat with WideHardo's.
By Melina
Some people have these. One in particular, a man called Dutch Van Der Linde, is not one of these people. Any person called Dutch claiming to have a plan is better at bullshitting than actually formulating a solution.

"I got a plan. This is a good one."
-Dutch Van Der Linde, shortly before jumping off a cliff. Twice.
By Trixi
1. A plot, a schedule, or scheme
2. Hashish, marijuana

Stalin on the meeting with his army generals, walking back and forth and smoking his pipe
Stalin: -Comrade Zhukov, is it your plan?
Zhukov: -Yes, Comrade Stalin!
Stalin, having a good puff: -Comrade Zhukov, you have a great plan!
By Nicole

By Albertina
The Plan
A terroristic group / movement, which was created by Gross Gore.

Yo did u see the plan harass this guy?
Yes I totally saw the plan harassing other streamers because Gross Gore told them to do so
By Robin
What a girl tells you when she's either going on a date with another guy, or pretending to in order to blow you off/let you know she's not interested.

Oh Friday's not good, I have plans. I have plans for the weekend too.
By Renee
what people say they need to make because they want to look cool for having friends.

often written in a facebook status...makes you look like a loser.

plans? hit me upp

damn rain ruined my plans

making plansss(:
By Aurora
u make plans with you frinds last minute

friend-hey lets make plans for tomorrow
By Jacquetta