Define Plenty Meaning

adj: Used in Edinbourgeois slang, often as a comeback.
When something (especially someone or something being said) has gone too far, is over-the-top, or silly; but still in a jokey way.
When said about something that's been said it is usually followed by "from you".

Alex says "Jane, You have a massive forehead, it makes you look like a donkey."
Betty says "Mate, Plenty from you."

After seeing something silly, Charlie exclaims "That's Plenty"
By Wenonah

there were plentiful amounts of dumplings in the freezer
By Faun

More than you might think, and less than you would presume.


"Plenty, means only one. Notify your dictionary editor".

"Plenty, is more than you think. But, more or less than that.."
By Darci

Dang girl those harmonies were plenty.
By Ursuline

there was a plentiful amount of stuff in the room
By Pier

God's grace can never be depleted plentiness.
By Anitra
Plenty Of Flakes
Plenty of Flakes is the alternate definition to POF which often refers to the dating website Plenty of Fish.

Whether they've met in real life yet or not POF(Plenty of Flakes) users have SO many options they commonly disregard set plans with one person if:
1. a better fish comes along,
2. they simply can't keep track of all their dating activity,
3. they're plain chicken to meet the other person in the real,
4. worldthey're selfish pricks with no common decency or mutual respect and chose to do something else,

Drew: "How'd it go with what's her pickle on Friday?"
Marc: "Typical POF girl she no showed and left me sitting around like a dummy then wouldn't reply to my texts... Plenty of Flakes!"
Drew: "Never give 'em a Friday..."
By Cherye
Bitch Be Plenty

Person 1: Did you hear what Katie did yesterday?
Person 2: Hm? What did she do?
Person 1: Bitch be plenty!
By Kessiah
Plenty Thick
A women who has a tight yet voluptuous body.

Guy1: Damn, she's phat!

Guy2: Nah man, she's plenty thick.
By Carolin
Plenty Of Fish
A free online dating agency which should be avoided at all costs. Full of dirty old men and no-hoper teenagers with filthy underpants desperately seeking attractive young women. And as for the photographs - when the hell did you last see a woman who looked like that and needed to use a free dating agency? Someone I know of examined a photo closely and was sure he could see the staple puncture holes where it had been cut out of a glossy magazine.

More like Plenty of Fishy Fannies.

Beware. The gorgeous blonde on Plenty Of Fish you're exchanging suggestive e-mails with is probably really a morbidly obese middle-aged man who likes nice young boys.
By Rena