Define Plural Meaning


There are several online communities run by plurals.
By Ailina
The act or state of being in a totally gnarlaciously radical manner in which you stick it to the man hardcore.

The way you talk to authority figures is so plural dude.
By Margret
1: Multiple; more than one; many.
2: A case which rarely requires the use of apostrophes.

1: The plural of cat is cats. Duck is ducks. Book is books.
2: "Apple's and orange's on sale" is incorrect. "Apples and oranges on sale", however, is.
By Bettina
A plural is a group of people living in one body.

How are you going to fit all seven friends in that little car?" "Oh, they're a plural and only take up one seat!
By Elspeth
not 1. Fractional amounts such as .7, 1.6, .2 are also plural in form. Even 0 is plural. (there are 0 words in this sentence with more than 12 characters)

there are 0 cats in the room. there are 3 cats in the room. The phrase "there is 1 cat in the room" is an example of plural's counterpart, singular.

Two halves are better than one, even though two halves is equal to one. While one half is singular, two halves is plural.
And we wouldn't say "two halves are plural".
Yet, two halves are one, is fine.
By Korrie
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, And, Life

By Crin
The correct spelling of the word Plural is Plurals as it too should represent more than one. I love adding S's to words that grammatically should not.

John: Are you feelings better honey?

Jane: Yes honey, I'm feelings better. I love you for loving plurals too.

By Brunhilde
An adjective used to express the epitome of greatness.

That concert was plural!
By Winna
The act of making something plural.
The act of reproducing.

Im going to pluralize you rabbit.
Those animals just pluralized themselves.
By Drusie
a word that kids pick up from their history teachers and then attempt to use incorrectly in a sentence

Kid 1: hey look its a plurality of cool kids
Kid 2: no, that is an incorrect usage.
By Goldy