Define Pogging Meaning

a cross between pegging and dogging

-hey, do you want to go pogging?
-sure, we can pog all night long. i hope there is a good turnout
-oh there will be, ive called grandma, and she's got all her book club coming.
By Korrie
A word used to indicate excitement or an epic moment. Comes from Pogchamp.

Wow, that play was awesome. Pog!
By Retha
it used to be something that people said in a streamers chat when something remarkable happened but now its an overused shitpost meme that makes me laugh every fucking time for some reason

By Trudy
When something is "Poggers" that means it's "Epic" or "Amazing", or when someone says "Pog" after acomplishing something that usually means "Ya! I did it! Epic!" And is also a reference to the twitch emote "PogChamp" which originates from a youtube video starring Gutierrez and Ross called “Pogs Championship,” for a MadCatz-brand joystick, the two play Pogs, the disk-flipping game popular in the 1990s, in which Gutierrez (Ryan) calls himself the "Pog champion", and the face used for the meme/emote is completely unrelated.

"I beat the game! Pog!" "That was extremely poggers"
By Nadiya
The midpoint between positive and negative, covering the gray area that often exists when a statement has elements of both positivity and negativity. Sometimes used in the field of mathematics. Closely related to the word tralse.

V: Is the answer positive or negative?
Jerry: It is absolutely pogative.
By Onida
Another way of saying cool

Friend: I have finished designing some Pixel Art
Me: pog
By Ardisj

By Sada
That one twitch emote everybody uses too much even for anything


Streamer: does anything (specifically funny or cool)
Chat: Pog
That one dude in chat: peepoPants
Chat: peepoPants shouldn’t exist
By Susanne
A verb tense of the twitch emote "poggers." You can also use it in terms like "shark pog meme"

The shark is pogging. I am pogging right now.
By Kirsti
POG actually means "Play Of the Game". It is spammed in livestream when someone makes a pro gamer move. A "Pogger" is someone who makes that move, but is usually used differently (as of a champion in something).

Example 1:
Fortnite kid 2: Ninja is such a pogger

Example 2:
Man 1: I slept with his girlfriend for payback!
Man 2: Pogger
By Bernice