Define Point Out Meaning

Point Out
To sell a larger bag of chunk(crystal)by the tenth of a gram, at $10 a .1g. Also known as selling shit point for point.

Lemme get a gram for $80" "Nope I'm fuckn behind almost a G to my mexican so I gotta point out the rest." Shit I ain't payin point for point on a gram u fuckn crackhead!
By Darya
Point-out Approved
lingo used in the aviation industry to covertly tell your buddies you find a girl fuckable.

john: hey franz, see the asian chick over there by the vending machine?

franz: hell yeah, point-out approved
By Jemie
Point Out The Obvious
When somebody asks you something that you are obviously doing.

Joe: *Reading Newspaper*
Bob: Hey Joe! Are you reading the newspaper?
Joe: Way to Point out the Obvious Bob...
By Gleda
Point Out The Obvious
-to say the obvious.

chris: hi my name is chris, and you are?
dumbass: im dumbass
dumbass: hey youre chris!
chris: point out the obvious....
By Sheila
Point Him Out
A phrase/exclamation meaning to have someone draw focus to a certain person/group which strikes interest in the individual who said 'Point Him Out', typically used to strike fear or display confidence.

In laymens terms, when one says 'Point Him Out', it usually means that they are ready to confront someone or multiple people who are inferior in power, wealth, status, or overall ability to react accordingly. It can also be used to highlight someone or multiple people in an accusatory fashion, usually negative in nature.

Person 1: Who the fuck drank all my orange juice? This was the last fuckin' carton. Come on- 'Point Him Out'. I told you all not to lay a finger on my shit! God damnit.

Person A: Who the fuck is next? 'Point Him Out' 'Point Him Out'! That's right, I thought not, fuckin' pussies.

Swift McVay of D12:

"...Whoever thought that I was a hoe,

I let 'em know right now, it's Dirty Dozen forever, take a bow-
'Point Him Out', we will rush his clique
Toughest nigga in the crowd would turn around and be like fuck this shit..."
By Marge
"make-out Point"
A popular place to park your car, preferably a convertible, and make out with your girl. Typically on a cliff overlook. Normally cars line up like a drive-in movie.

"I took my girl to "make-out point" the other night. At least I got to cum on that bitch's titties before a cop came."
By Jodi
The Cool Points Are Out The Window And I'm All Twisted Up In The Game
We are past the point where we need to impress one another because I have got the feeling for you

By Siana
The Cool Points Are Out The Window And I'm All Twisted Up In The Game

By Nerissa
The Cool Points Are Out And I'm All Twisted Up In Your Game
ey come on ain't no one seen bringing down the house?
it means i love you

~the cool points are out and im all twisted up in your game.
~aww kevin dat's da sweetest thing anyone has ever told me
By Millisent
Point Em Out Knock Em Out
when you or you and yo people finna fight some otha people as you soon as you see em, its no arguing or nothin you just Point em out den run up and knock em out

When we see yo ass at da skatin rink on saturday, aint finna be no talkin cuz as soon as we see yo ass we juss gone do a point em out knock em out
By Zitella