Define Pointless Meaning

something that is a waste of time or of no use

It is pointless to put up a sign that reads: SIGN NOT IN USE
By Celisse

The Miami Heat loss the finals because LeChoke was pointless.
By Lisabeth
something that not worth doing because nothing worth it will come from it

life is an example of pointless since what comes from it in the end?
By Shell
Blah, yadda, yadda, blah-yad, blur bang boing blah yoinch. Yuh, yuh, yuh, do dee whoo I love you. Someone stop me.

Wow, Bulletproof Marshmallow. Your definition for "pointless" is something I can relate to!
By Tiertza
see johneddowes, cunt, utter and fucking.

you pointless internet wanker, you're as bad as johneddowes
By Cathe
I got one question for you, buddy.

Why ARE you looking at this?!
Isn't it what you know it is?

Isn't it POINTLESS??!!

Why'd they put a gate for a lawn that isn't barred?!
By Dinny

โ€œi have a thin coatโ€

โ€œwell that wont keep you warm, pointlessnessโ€
By Flossy
To talk on and on without a point. (Verb)
Also: To tell a long story without a point.

"My brother was pointlessing about some truck engine. I just could not listen to it any longer!"
By Lelah

By Arabelle
When one person or object is more pointless than another.

Your pointlesser!
No your pointlesser!
By Renate