Define Pouncing Meaning

Hoping on or riding someone in a sexual way

She is going to be pouncing on me tonight.
By Laryssa
To jump on someone or something (preferebly in a sexual way)

By Hertha
To get on an unsuspecting hot person.

"Damn, he's hot. I'm gonna pounce him tonight."
By Marguerite
A word that describes when a man goes after a girl in a way that resenbles a Tiger pouncin on its prey. Means that you are going to hit on that broad and are goin to succeed

"Yo vinny, you should go pounce on that broad over there"-me

" Dam straight"-Vinny
By Juieta
A slang term used commonly in Hawaii to mean that the listener must follow through with what he/she just said.

Kaimana: "I bet I could sing better than that."
Pono: "Pounce."
By Marianna
verb: the drunken expression of sexual attraction by means of force

Yo Quinni was on the prowl last night; she was ready to pounce on you!
By Kai
To overreact to, or to appraise a stimulus not worthy of one's attention, esp. by a kitten or godfather.

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The Pounce
The pounce happens when you see a stripper on stage and her thong slips as shes bending over to do a sexy little move. You already have a boner, so you whip it out and run on stage and stick it in her while she's unexpected. She yells at you and her bouncer kicks you out of the club. But just remember, you had it in their for a while, and you know she liked it.

Dude, some guy used the pounce and ended up in jail on criminal charges.
By Querida

charlene pounced at my nanas house in the baby training toilet
By Rafa

Girl: You wanna pounce?
Boy: Fuck yeah! We're gonna get so high!
By Kimberly