Define Pout Meaning

Curling one's lips into a frown and proceeding to cry.

When girls pout...
She went into the bathroom to pout again.
Aww, we should talk to her.

When boys pout...
He went into the bathroom to pout again.
That pussy! Let's go make fun of him.
By Nicki
When a male or female puff their lips out & having a straight face in a way of trying to be sexy.

Gloria Velez does it in all of her modeling pictures but it looks fine when she does it because she's a model.
By Eadith
Making a facial expression with your lips, indicating dissatisfaction or sulking.

Often describing what girls do when being photographed, trying to be sexy.

Pouting is just a trend in sexy look.
By Rodina
A facial Expression used mostly by female and little kids but also men to try get what ever they want..(its done by puffin one lip over the other into a frown)

kid: mom can i have cookie?
mom: no, u'll spoil your dinner
kid: *Pouts*
mom: ok just one, but dont let dad see
dad: hey how come he gets a cookie?, I want one
mom: ah no... and he's a kids thats why
dad: *pout*
mom: aww don't worry i have something better for you later....
dad: ;D
By Alica
A girl will pout her lips together and usually squint her eyes when she feels she looks ugly and can only look good pouting, this girl will do this is nearly every photo

Let's take a photo!

Chick: I have no make up on! *pouts*
By Miquela
Prounounced Poo-tay. A hairpiece for the crotch.
A contraction of pubic and toupe.
(Coined by Dave)

"On arriving back home after the Spanish American War, it appeared that I contracted Syphillis. After my shave I ordered a poute from the wig shop"
Synonym: Merkin
Antonym: Toupe
By Danyelle
A hairpiece for the crotch. Contraction of "pubic" and "toupe"

toupe, pudwig, snapperdoo, crotchmop

"I contracted syphyllis during the Great War. After the shave, I bought a poute."
(Coined by Dave)
By Binni
To frown. Facial expression of being mad/upset. Example the old Christmas song lyrics, " you better watch out, you better not cry. you better not POUT.

Why are you pouting about? What are you mad about?
By Kaitlyn
POUT stands for Powerful, Outstanding, Unique & Talented. It is a mantra for young women to believe in themselves and their dreams. POUT is a self-empowerment movement for young women. Must use capital letters :)

I am POUTful! I will POUT it till I make it.
By Fran
It's when a girl makes those kissy lips at me which turns me on.

Yo man she was pouting at me the other day, she totally wants the d.
By Tasia