Define Pricks Meaning

Worse than a douche and jerk combined. A guy who thinks they know everything but in reality they're stupid hypocrates. A guy who loves to cause drama then acts like nothings wrong. most likely a guy named cliff.

jasmine: i think cliff is being a prick. priscilla: isn't he always.
By Karylin

My father is the biggest prick you will ever meet.
By Giustina
Generically known as a worthless asshole. But more precisely, a prick is an incessantly annoying or obnoxious person who escalates their behavior the more they are ignored.

Most pricks need to relax.
By Gwyn
1. a penis
2. derogatory term used to sum up the existance of a worthless asshole

That prick stole my girlfriend.
By Clementine
A slang word for dick.

See also:

The scientific name for a man's prick is dick.
By Rebe

Jack is a Prick
By Aleta
To be well fucked. Sexually satisfied. To receive the D so good you can't take any more.

Rachel got pricked good last night.

I'm going to get pricked this weekend.

I haven't been pricked in a long time.

Carl pricked me so good I can't walk today.
By Susannah
an all around fucktard, dickweed, assrat bastard, that can easily be mistaken for a boner-biting dick-fart fuckface.

By Bird
1.) n.: A total asshole, jerk, or jackoff (or jagoff).
2.) n.: A guy's dick.
3.) v.: To poke something with a sharp or edged object.

Stop being such a prick! No wonder she don't like you!
....his favorite trick was to stand on his prick and roll around on his balls.
I pricked the balloon.
By Enriqueta

Jeff is such a prick, i hope he chokes on his own vomit!
By Vicky