Define Private Message Meaning

Private Message
Private messages or known as (PM) are used when one person wants to message someone outside of the group chat.

Person 1: um person 2 can u please private message me thanks.
Person 2: Oh ok, sure.
By Brianna
Private Douche Messaging-(PDM)
The result of 2 Online Forum members in a posting arguement- sending pointless messages back and forth over which one thinks he has a bigger cock

Jtskier11- Your jumping to conlcusions again. Nowhere did I say anything was better! Your douchebaggery is staggering.

thx compliment i've gotten all day....

wow...a mechanical device that isnt perfect...what a revelation!?!?!?

Don't wry moderators.....switching to Private Douche Messaging-(PDM)!
By Corilla