Define Pro Meaning

1. a professional

2. professional

3. a prostitute

That guy is a real pro when it comes to baseball.
By Brandie

1> Dude, did you see that?
2> Yeah! That was pro!
By Rora
A professional, someone who operates with exceptional style, grace, and skill, and is usually trained to perform under various levels of time or environmental pressures.

James can flip a dozen pancakes in five seconds, what a pro!
By Colene
a professional ho.. a prostitute.. straight hoodrat.. a female who has sex with a lot of guys

That nasty girl is a pro.
By Godiva
-Bane of a noob/newb's existence

-Someone who is experienced at a game

-A person that can pwn normal players

Lulz the stupid n00b just got pwned by that pro.
By Tiffi
1)Doing something and getting paid.
2)Your profession. You get paid to carry out your profession.
3)In gaming, if somebody is pro they are very good at the game, although they may or may not have won cash prize tournaments of the game.
4)The pros of an argument/idea/product .etc.

1)Tom is a professional drummer, and he's been paid to play worldwide with various groups.
2)I'm a post man. That's my profession, and i get paid to deliver post.
3)nubz0rcakes_356 is an uber pro at DotA, he pwns.
4)The pros of this product are that it is very cheap and will save alot of energy. The cons are that it isn't resistant to water.
By Lucretia
To define your superiority over someone after shitting on them in a battle of wits. Usually accompanied by the clicking of fingers which then turn into a finger pointing at your opponents face at close range

*clicks fingers and points right on foes nose* "PRO!"
By Kaia
Someone who thinks everyone is doing it wrong and that he's the only one who is doing it right.

1: Oh, look it's the pro at it again.
2: Ya, he could go fuck himself the right way.
By Fawn
professional, this is the one and ONLY definition for the word. someone who IS aprofessional. DOES _NOT_ mean someone who is sexy/hot/a honey, esp. when referring to girls, no they are not there to look at.

i know a lot of girls who are called 'pro' but don't deserve it. no, they don't get laid more than the ones who don't get called pro. they are just overrated

when a girl is pro she is a professional. not a prositute, she is not there to give you some. when a guy is pro, he is at one with the ladies THOUGH THIS DOES NOT APPLY THE SAME WAY TO GIRLS!!!!

Joan is a pro when it comes to knowing how not to be a pro.

that girl is nasty, she ain't no pro. she's fricken n00btacular, i wouldn't want to tap that!

omg that guy is so pro i'd like to know him
By Dian
In a restaurant or buffet setting, a larger person who obviously is no stranger to the inner workings of the menu at a particular establishment.

Pros most commonly frequent buffets, but also will occasionally branch out.

It is encouraged to document pro sightings via Twitpic or Facebook.

I would love to get some more fried rice from the buffet, but there's a pro filling up his 6th plate.
By Willabella