Define Probably Meaning


She is probably on meth.
By Leonie
more than likely/ for sure or almost sure

Dillon: They will probably call off school today.
Tom: Yeah, i sure hope so.
By Sabra
An expression used by someone whose life lacks any joy or happiness to convey sarcasm and pull others into his black hole.

Zac: Damn I'm good at basketball.
Vincent: Probably.
By Mallory
An adverb used in any statement which is almost certainly false.

A: Where the hell is Tom?
B: He probably ran down the train track and died of amnesia.
By Juliette

I will probably not be back to my Mom's until Sunday.
By Karolina
Probably Not
To say probably not means to be indesicive where you're not fully saying "yes" or "no" and you're not too sure about a certain situation unless it's presented to you in the right manner.

Will you date a co-worker? Probably not but I may give it a shot.
By Etti
conjuction word combining "probably" and "why".

Him: my head hurts
Her: Why?
Him: because i hit it on a wall
Her: that's probabli
By Kacey

Hey Dave, what's the probability of rain tonight?
By Frannie
Used as a generic response. If there is nothing more to be said, then close with a "Probably."

A: People like complaining.
B: Probably.
A: What time does the football game start?
B: Probably.
By Amargo
a bull shit part of math that doesn't matter in the real world because no matter how small the odds are there's always the chance of that thing happening

A: What if a bomb goes off? (IDK I couldn't think of anything bite me)
B: What's the actual probability of that happening?
A: Who gives a fuck
By Antonia