Define Prostitute Meaning

A prostitute is a woman who sells sex for anything. What is accepted in exchange for sex ranges from money to crack to a job position.

Your mother is such a fucking prostitute Jim she sucked my dick for a six pack of beer last week.
By Shelba
One who accepts money for a sexual act. There are many classes of prostitutes. There are streetwalkers, then massage parlors, then escorts, then call girls. Only about 20% of "working girls" are streetwalkers, although they make up 80% of arrests and 100% of news coverage. Prostitution is not all streetwalkers, it's also the girl next door to you who does it because she chooses to do so. It is a growing trend among young women as they begin to see that they have been mislead about the profession by the sensationalist media. See authors Belle de Jour, Madame Meretrix, and the Scarlet Harlot.

I'm an escort who earns $300 an hour; men who can afford that are rarely creeps, lowlifes, or degenerates.
By Dulsea

Xample: who needs 1???????????
By Alta
Someone who has sex for money/jewellery, gold etc..

By Rosemaria
Verbosely defined as someone who sells their own personal morals and/or values for the idea of money, not necessarily for sex.

At work I feel like I prostitute myself, having to agree with my boss, lest he fire my ass.
By Edeline
A prostitute is someone who will love you no matter who you are or what you look like

Chef, what's a prostitute?
By Dolli
A slut who is opportunistic, and realizes that he/she can make money off of their hobby.

"I lost my virginity to a prostitute, I wish it hadn't been my mom though."
By Valerye
A women who sells her body to a variety of creeps, low-lifes and degenerates. The majority of her wages goes directly to her abusive scumbag pimp who takes pride in the fact that he arranges for her to be degraded at the expense of scum.

Since when was it Okay to go screw and fuck with a bunch of killers, junkies and perverts?
By Sybyl
A woman who realizes that she is only going through motions when she has sex, and might as well be getting paid.

I'm not a prostitute, I'm a pragmatist!
By Fifine
someone who has sex for any type of payment, usually money, job placement or just sex. can be male or female. see also hooker. often gets looked down upon by stuck up bitches who think prostitutes have no self worth

miranda: ugh look at her she's such a filthy prostitute i bet she's all stretched out
stacy: thats impossible miranda the pussy cant be physically stretched. also stfu, sex workers deserve respect theyre humans too
miranda: your right stacy i'll be kinder from now on
By Kitti