Define Prototypical Meaning

initial. rough. starting. first. beginning.

Here is the prototypical drawing for the animation. Please could you make some more detailed sketches.
By Mead
a girl who stands a more than good chance of being "the one", and if not, is similar to this undefined ideal.

Andre 3000: "I hope that you're the one/If not/You are the prototype"
By Melisent
Upcoming game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Release for June-July '09.
You play as a shape-shifter with no knowledge of your past and must fight your way through New York City to recover your previous life.

The game is open-worlded, like GTA IV, Assasin's Creed and Halo 3: ODST all roled into one.

Guy 1: So yeah, we good to go on Saturday?
Guy 2: Have you heard about Prototype? It looks so damn awesome!
Guy 1: OMFG Yeah! *orgasm*
By Rosalynd
A male who's beyond alpha... A prototype has the capacity to bend reality in his own ways, especially in regards to getting chicks. The opposite of a prototype male would be a final release male, which is much worse than a beta male.

A: "Damn, C is such a prototype. He banged two chicks at the same time!"
B: "Yeah man, I wish I was like him."
By Daniella
a sample of a much better design

By Odessa
A fucking ballin' ass band from France. You don't need to understand what they're saying to be able to dance to their music. They're some seriously bitchin' shit.

The band consists of:
Isabelle Le Doussal - vocals
Stephane Bodin - Drums
Francois Marche - Guitar and synths

Together, they are bad ass shit.
Give them a listen.

You've most likely heard Prototypes on the 2008 Mitsubishi advertisement.
By Kynthia
Something which at it's current stage has been screwed up by developers and cannot yet be used by the general public

Holden Engineer: This car isn't safe.. I'm calling it a prototype.
By Lara
Annoying kid that is shouting out load when he gets killed in videogames. A bit like angry german kid from youtube...

By Athena
Arguably the most under-rated metal band out there. They gained popularity with the song's appearance of "The Way it Ends" in Guitar Hero 3. A great band with a promising future.

kid 1-Jesus the song "the way it ends" in guitar hero is fuckin hard!

kid 2- Fuck that. prototype rocks.
By Gabriel
1.) someone who is a pimp, manwhore, or ladies man
2.) coolest person at the party
3.) cool, flashy, extreme, awesome
4.) person you saw on findapix
5.) someone who is very elite at counter-strike

1.) Dude, that's prototype!
2.) Dude, is that prototype?
3.) Dude, that's prototype.
4.) Dude, is that prototype from findapix?
5.) Dude, that's oc-prototype | zN
By Pegeen