Define Puff Meaning

a man who is gay or is acting really queerly.

1. will young is a puff
2. stop acting like a puff!!!
By Robin

By Shanie
yet another word for marijuana, usually refering to cannabis resin. Native to the British Isles, in particular the south.

"oi mate, do you wanna go for a smoke?"
"yeah, have you got any puff?"
and so on.....
By Fara

When Puffs Tissues began marketing to Germany, they did not find out until it was too late that "puff" is colloquial slang for a whorehouse.
By Sofie
1)to inhale, usually from a cigarette.
2)4 puffs = a drag
3)last 4 puffs = kill
4)last puff = LP
5)half of a smoke = deuce

1) Jessica, give me a puff of your smoke.
2) you wanna give me a drag on that cigarette?
3) Give me deuce on that butt and I'll deuce one with you later.
4) *Jessica lights a cigarette*
Tony: I call deuce!
By Ilise

"Here I was surrounded by my family and my so-called mates and I've never felt so alone. Never in all my puff." -Mark Renton, Trainspotting
By Farah
A woman's vagina bump whether in jeans or sweats (non camel toe)

Boy, her Puff looks mighty delectable today.
By Vikki
A word used in Domino's Pizza advertising in Australia for their Puffection crusts, meaning "wicked, cool, the ultimate". The word is rarely used in such a context, even in Australia, and if someone does use it in such a context, they are considered either fag or bogan.

As used in ads:
"Oh man, this pizza's puff!"
"Yeah, so puff!"

As used in real life:
"Oh man, this pizza's puff!"
"Get outta here, you faggotish bogan."
By Freddi

Spiros: Your such a puff.
Chris: You mean poof, you poof.
By Nicky
Mascot of the free UNIX-like open source operating system OpenBSD.

Each release, which occur twice a year (about six months, give or take one), Puff is given a themed role based on either current events of a joke the developers liked.

Such themes include RamBlow (based on Rambo and the contraversy surrounding cryptography being legal munitions in the United States of America), 077 (Pond, James Pond), Puffy the Kittieslayer (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer), rapper Puffy and most recently Puff the Barbarian.

This Blowfish is used in a variety of tee shirts and posters which can be seen on the OpenBSD site (

A King ruled the web with fear
Spilling the blood of men
Then from the ocean came
Puff the Barbarian.
By Candi