Define Put Me Down Meaning

Put Me Down
Basically kill me. Like when you get a family pet 'put down'. Usually said in a situation where you want the ground to swallow you up.

*embarrassing situation*

"Wow will somebody please just hurry up and put me down."
By Lavinia
Put Me Down
Another way of sayin "sex me"

when are we gonna put it down? // when are we gonna make love
By Laurella
Put Me Down
Southern slang for introducing a boy and girl to go out on a date.

My best friend Anna put me down Shad Gregory Lamar Moss.(BowWow)
By Jenica
Put Me Down
put me down mean to let me know something

if i put you down that would mean i'm letting you know something

put me down with what happened at the party
By Oralie
Put Me Down
1. To be unceremoniously broken up with, unfriended, or otherwise casual become disassociated with; shown through actions. Can implies the person that put the other down for a better alternative or for bored.

2. To be casually dismissed from a relationship, verbally

3. To be ghosted

1. Ex. Mom talking to Dad: Now that Sally's started high school and made new friends she hangs with them a lot more. I guess she's grown up and put her mom down and doesn't want to hang out with me anymore.
Ex. John can never seem to make it to our outings now, I guess he's put us down

2. Jack to Jill: I think we're better as friends, we should see other people

3. You didn't reply to my text in a few days so I figured you had put me down.
By Elka