Define Puzzle Meaning

a problem that cannot be easily solved


1. Plant ten trees in five rows of four trees each.

2. Cut a cake into eight equal pieces with only three cuts.

3. If today was tomorrow yesterday, what would today be the
day after tomorrow?

4. The prisoner is in a cell where one door leads to freedom
and the other door leads to death. There are two guards.
One guard always tells the truth. The other guard always
tells lies. The prisoner does not know which door is
which or which guard is which or which guard is on which
door. He is allowed to ask one question of one guard in
order to find out the door to freedom. What question must
he ask?
By Amitie
The most boring thing you could ever do.

We could do a puzzle!

Yeah but we could also shoot ourselves in the face, but we're not going to do that either.
By Lita
are you fucking 5 why are searching up puzzle? bitch. 🤚

“you're dumb ass i bet you could even do a 2 piece puzzle”
By Barbabra
A slang word for sex. It is used in covert text messages to keep an affair secret. It is most commonly used when a man is creeping on his girl...with another man.

Its origin comes from before cardboard was invented and people resorted to primitive forms of puzzles.

Man 1: Does this piece(penis) fit here(anus)?

Man 2: That is a very puzzling question. Let us find out.

Man 1: Fantastic! We shall call it Puzzle.
By Antonina

I am so puzzled as to why people cant keep my damn name out their mouth.
By Feodora
When a man spends a large amount of time completing the puzzle that is pleasing a woman (starting with figuring out how to unhook her bra)

He's going to come over for drink and puzzling
By Ceil
To spend time putting together puzzles.

I asked Melissa if she wanted to get together after work but she acknowledged that she and her friends would be puzzling all night. I was surprised that someone so young and good looking spent time working on puzzles.
Any gift that, when shaken to discern its contents, makes a noise.

Person1: Merry Christmas; here's your present.
Person2: Aw, thanks! *shakes gift* It's a puzzle!
By Rozamond
A collection of pieces as in pieces of shit. Collective noun for a group of pieces.

"hey look at that puzzle rockin eyebrow piecing's and bleached tips".
By Davine
Slightly to moderately drunk.

Come over tonight, we're going to get puzzled on some brew.
By Lavena