Define Pwi Meaning

Posting while intoxicated. Drunk ramblings on internet forums, message boards, and blogs.

Jimmy was on his blog at 3am pwi.
By Sara
stands for "peace wit it". a fly way of saying good bye to someone.

jack: im getting offline
ralph: pwi
jack: pwi
By Edythe
Predominately White Institution

Well there are HBCU's, which are Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and then there are PWI's, Predominately White Institutions.

Examples would be:
Ole Miss
Ohio State
By Ricki
Privileged White Individual.

A Caucasian individual, from a middle class or wealthy background, who has an uppity or entitled manner. Pronounced "PeeWee" in reference to the famous prototypical example of a PWI, Pee-wee Herman.

Donald is such a PWI.

There are so many PWIs in power right now.
By Meade
'Post(ing) While Intoxicated'. Posting on an internet message board while drunk or high.

Sorry to PWI but I couldn't waayt to tell you guys about the fuuun I hed tonight. I be taking vacation more offten.
By Lilllie
PWI stands for Person Without Intelligence. IE: Somebody who doesn't think about what they are doing/writing.

"My neighbor is a PWI, he parties all night and blares loud music during the day!"
By Timi

Dude 1: Dude, where were you last night?
Dude 2: I spent the night in jail.
Dude 1: What the fuck did you do?
Dude 2: I got caught for PWI.
Dude 1: Where did you plank on?
Dude 2: On a cop car with the cop still in the car!

Dude 1: LOL...SMF!
By Tanitansy

Man, you are such a puwm-pwi!
By Nolie
Peet worthy idea. PWI is a data driven way to make choices. "Hey, I got an idea. What if we created a dictionary of the urban language." Yea, that's totally PWI. I'm in!

A full proof plan starts with a PWI.

Can you measure that with the PWI standard?

I got a great PWI, we can't lose!

Last PWI I had we won the lottery.
By Gisele
Pwis will be the cute way through txt to say please

Yes pwis:)
By Natividad