Define Pwis Meaning

Predominately White Institution

Well there are HBCU's, which are Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and then there are PWI's, Predominately White Institutions.

Examples would be:
Ole Miss
Ohio State
By Shandie
Privileged White Individual.

A Caucasian individual, from a middle class or wealthy background, who has an uppity or entitled manner. Pronounced "PeeWee" in reference to the famous prototypical example of a PWI, Pee-wee Herman.

Donald is such a PWI.

There are so many PWIs in power right now.
By Danna
Posting while intoxicated. Drunk ramblings on internet forums, message boards, and blogs.

Jimmy was on his blog at 3am pwi.
By Julianna
'Post(ing) While Intoxicated'. Posting on an internet message board while drunk or high.

Sorry to PWI but I couldn't waayt to tell you guys about the fuuun I hed tonight. I be taking vacation more offten.
By Kristin
stands for "peace wit it". a fly way of saying good bye to someone.

jack: im getting offline
ralph: pwi
jack: pwi
By Kari
PWI stands for Person Without Intelligence. IE: Somebody who doesn't think about what they are doing/writing.

"My neighbor is a PWI, he parties all night and blares loud music during the day!"
By Nydia

Dude 1: Dude, where were you last night?
Dude 2: I spent the night in jail.
Dude 1: What the fuck did you do?
Dude 2: I got caught for PWI.
Dude 1: Where did you plank on?
Dude 2: On a cop car with the cop still in the car!

Dude 1: LOL...SMF!
By Lynnea

Man, you are such a puwm-pwi!
By Iseabal
Peet worthy idea. PWI is a data driven way to make choices. "Hey, I got an idea. What if we created a dictionary of the urban language." Yea, that's totally PWI. I'm in!

A full proof plan starts with a PWI.

Can you measure that with the PWI standard?

I got a great PWI, we can't lose!

Last PWI I had we won the lottery.
By Karolina
Pwis will be the cute way through txt to say please

Yes pwis:)
By Karie