Define Question Meaning

an interrogative statement used to test knowledge

man 1: can i ask you a question?
man 2: yes what is it?
man 1:its an interrogative statement used to test knowledge but thats not important right now.
By Doretta
the reason answers came into being

Delilah: I have a question.
Jonathan: To solve your problem, I may need to come up with an answer.
By Patrizia
Asking. Always answers with another question. A Zen koan. Mosaic. See repetition. Where the gaps replace the narrative thread. Disparate voices in colloquy. Exile. The strangeness between us. How the text writes itself. My personal mythology. I am created by questions. The mark at the end of my sentence. A catalyst, and then the death of the speaker.

“You might be able to retrieve your secret password at the website if you answer your secret question.”
“What is the name of your favorite pet?”
“What is the name of the street you grew up on?”
“Which one?”
By Annemarie
1. Someone asking for information regarding their needs or
2. If they are able to do something.

Often a sentence that ends in a question mark.

A question can be in any format, but here are some common ones

1. Who drank the last juice box?

2. Can I hang out with Hannah?
By Carley
to be unsure of or re-examining one's previously assumed sexual orientaion or gender identity.

dana started questioning her sexual attraction to men after she'd met and happily dated catherine.
By Andra
All that is left when there are no answers

These are some examples of questions:

What did I do wrong?

What didn’t I do right?

How can you not trust me?

How can you not love me when my love for you is everything?

How can you let it fade away?

I’m up your bum, cant you feel it?

Why do you let yourself be held back?

Why didn’t you leave Tracey in Victoria; she is a Bogan & a crack ho ?

How can you forget feelings?

How can you say I read too much into things and still accuse me twice of 'psychic harassment'?

Why do you lie to me?

Why do you feel the need to lie to me?

How can you make a decision not to love someone?

How can you stand being so fucking hot?

How do you expect me to be hard when I cant tell you I love you while Im making love with you; i dont get to hold you afterwards and you're not even going to like me the next week?

How could I ever love again?

How could I do that to myself or to anyone else again?

Why would I tell you I’m in love with you if I didn’t mean it?

Why don’t you understand that falling in love with someone when you are not looking for it and you already think you are in love makes it even more real?

Why does your pussy fit my face so well? (well it does, I’m just saying)

Why do you always lie?

Why aren’t you here with me right now?

Thursday 28/08/2008
By Eudora
A person who asks many questions just to hear herself speak. This person will ask three or four questions before you are given the chance to answer the first question.

How's ur day going? Are you OK? Are you mad at me? How are your kids? Do you think it's a yeast infection? You now feel as if you've been question-jacked by the questionator! Holla! GCR! GCR! GCRH!
By Stephi
Whenever a question is able to be formed about a certain idea, principle, or physical thing, and there is concern about its validity, the idea, principle, or physical thing has become questionable.

"Kevin, did you see that girl? She's so freaking hot!"

"Yeah, dude, would you tap that?"

"I don't know man, I heard the entire football team that's a pretty questionable vajayjay."
By Sella
In Question
A person, place, or thing that is being considered or reconsidered

Jason: damn, I know I got a girlfriend but that girl is sexy as hell, maybe I should go for that. Maybe my girl isn't good enough for me

Tommy: so your girlfriend is in question now?

Jason: I guess you could say that

Tommy: wow, you really shouldn't be reconsidering you girlfriend cuz she's a 5-star chick!

Jason: yeah ur right, I can't believe I even thought twice about whether I should stay with my girl
By Addie
The Question
the official proposal of marriage
See: pop the question

James, i don't know if I'm ready to answer the question yet. I mean I love you, but this is a long-term commitment.
By Candis