Define Quote Meaning

A quote is a word, phrase or sentence that you add to a conversation/essay but is not of your creation, but someone else's.

I would like to quote my brother on this, "flo sucks like donkey kong"...
By Anderea
to recite or include a passage from a work that is not your own. Basically, a way to get out of actually thinking and making other people do the work for you

WRONG: I need 40 quotes for this project
RIGHT: I need 40 quotations for this project

-Yeah, I need a few more lines to meet the page requirement, so I think I'll quote Benjamin Franklin.
By Milissent
Quote On Quote
When people who are either inept with the English language or stupid hear the phrase "quote unquote" and construe it as quote on quote.

and I repeat quote on quote, "let there be light."
By Katlin
Things that other people have said. The original author is usually not given credit for saying it first. Quotes are nice to say in front of friends and acquaintances to impress them and make them think you are funny and intelligent.

The ability to recite quotes is a good substitute for wit.
By Ina
When you bust a nut in somebodies nostril.

Tom shot a quot in Aubrie's nose.
By Renate
To gain status in a gang. Sometimes used as a means to challenge another member with higher status(OG).

"You've been hangin' 'round the hood for a while lil hommie, its bought time you got quoted."
By Priscilla
If life was like a Bollywood movie, we would be 2 dance sequences and an item number away from marriage.

Any Bollywood Movie. True quote.
By Suzann
1. in exactly the same words; word for word: to repeat something quotely.

2. corresponding word for word to the original source or text: a quotely record of the proceedings.

3. skilled at recording or noting down speeches, proceedings, etc., with word-for-word accuracy: a quotely stenographer.

"And you said quotely, you said..."
By Selestina
A wise saying by someone who is self-proclaimed genius as to guide non-experienced people through situations in life which they may find difficult or to remark upon obscured facts

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a Mistake - Quote by Napoleon

There's a thin line between an artist and a serial Killer - Quote by Steven wilson
By Alisun
Something you say in place of a word when you don't want to say the real word or want to mask your conversation to others that may be around.

yo man, did you see the quotes that kid had?

hey, can you still get me that quote later?

Girl, i'm not even sure you can handle the quote I can dish out

bro, you trying to hit up that quote when you get out of class?
By Othilia