Define Ralph Meaning


Watching the professional eater on The Daily Show tonight made me want to ralph!
By Lily
vomit, puke, pray at the procelain throne

it was the lobster bisque, heavy with sweet cream and brandy. I ralphed for seventeen minutes straight, surrendered to the God of kaopectate, too
By Meta
to barf.

only certain people can pull off saying "ralph"

"dude, i just went on the roller coaster and now i'm about to ralph."

"I saw Ben and I almost ralphed."
By Marcelline
the best god damn simpsons character of them all. Screw you all!!!!!!!!! If you disagree, just rot in hell bastard.

ralph wigham is the shiz!!! Me fail english, that's impossibabble.
By Saloma
to vomit, usually accompanied with guttural noise

Did you ralph? OR Is he ralph?
By Joeann
To go a step too far.
To overdo something.
To make a humiliating mess of things

I just made a Ralph by knocking over a glass of beer
By Tera
to make a right turn while driving.

"hang a ralph next block."
By Guglielma
to vomit, usually after drinking to clear your system, or before a party to... clear your system.

"Gram, I ate so much, I'm gunna have to ralph before we hit the grad party."
By Nathalie
some tiny ass dick lookin lil indian bitch

hey look its fuckin ralph what a damn small dicked indian
By Elayne
foolish; idiotic; retarded or incapable of acting appropriately.

"i used to be good friends with him, but now i just think he's totally ralph."
By Chris