Define Ramblings Meaning

1)The place where if you start to make a conversation, idiots usually come and mess it up!

person3:BOOGA BOOGA!
person1:stop with the ramblings! i'm trying to have a conversation!
By Janean
To lead a semi-nomadic existence, traveling from town to town, making a living from odd jobs. To be rootless and transient, calling no one place home.

Sung about often in old folk music, which was written from the perspective of humble, working people, many of whom traveled from town to town in search of work during the Gread Depression. Often used, particularly in the work of Woody Gutherie, as a metaphor for life's journey.

"My mother prayed that I would be
A man of some renown
But I am just a refugee
As I go ramblin' round."--Woody Gutherie, "Ramble Round."

"Now as through this life I ramble
I've seen lots of funny men
Some will rob you with a six-gun
And some with a fountain pen
And as through this life you ramble
And through this life you roam
You will never see an outlaw
Rob a family of their home."--Woody Gutherie, "Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd."

By Merline
Just talking, alot and with no specific point in sight.

The retarded teacher likes to ramble.
By Daisie
a state of being in a mood that makes you feel the need to go on and on about nonsense for no reason.

"Elan was in a very rambly mood, so she decided to leave Ulan an incredibly long comment about nothing in particular."
By Tami
The Ramblings
A show on YouTube where two individuals talk about random crap. This show normally includes William Bnevermind and Cameron Not-ShadowsVirus. Each episode is generally 1 Earth hour long. It consists of fapping, chatting and trying to think of other things to talk about.

The Ramblings URL -
By Amabelle
1. To express views on a subject or idea for a noticeably extended period of time.

2. To express incoherent or nonsense thoughts.

3. Semi-derogatory or self-effacing term for speech patterns that tend to drag on.

v. "Jamie RAMBLED on about casemods for so long, his friends fell asleep."

v. "..but then Tommy said that it was HIS fault and I really don't think it was, but it might have been, except m.. oh, god, am I RAMBLING? Sorry."
By Emmey
When some one talks about nothing and keeps going on and on and on.

By Valenka
A communication that rambles on in a nonsensical fashion. Often used to describe communications of those suffering from mental illness.

I tried to read Carol's email, but it was too rambly--she's off her damn nut!
By Milka
Ramble On
a farewell, synonym for "get going" and "goodbye'.

ah shit, im late. Sorry dude, ive got to ramble on.
By Ajay
1. to go or to leave quickly
2. to move on

1. This blows, let's ramble
2. What's done is done, lord i've got to ramble. see led zeppelin
By Sonia