Define Ramp Meaning

dont fuck around,to get straight to da point

'dont ramp wid me boi'
By Diena

"Can you get up the ramp and get another round in?"
By Florri
At an airport, a ramp is a place where aircraft are parked. It is a large flat concrete or asphalt area, that usually has places to tie down planes.

See ramp rat.

I landed at Olympia Regional Airport in my cessna, taxied on to the ramp, tied my plane down, and winked at the cute fueller who brought the fuel truck.
By Sybilla
to have rough sex with fuck, bang

"Is he a senior?"
"Who cares! I'd STILL Ramp him!"
By Sadella
Give false information on a betting forum with the intention of influencing a price.

By Rhodia
1. An incline
2. required on all public buildings by the federal government
3. a play thing
4. a tool used to attain "air" by skateboarders
5. blah?

"dude i just got major air off that ramp, your mom!!!"
By Calli
A popular hairstyle in the black communities of baton rouge, louisiana. Its basically a bald fade with the top fading up into a ramp form.

"Lil Boosie got a ramp, but he call it a boosie fade"
"say dog, Im bout to get a ramp"
"fasho, That barbershop in scotland cuts the sickest ramps thug"
By Tedra
another term for barbecued ribs (pork or beef)

Deeamn, I need me sum RAMPS! At least 8 bones worth.
By Cassie
The Ramp
"The Ramp" is when, while defecating, you partially submerge your hand in the toilet water at an angle so that the deuce hits your hand and then rolls into the water with nary a sound.

Today I used The Ramp to shit silently
By Ashly
To sit around and do nothing and then complain about it.

"What are you up to?" "Not much bro, just ramping."
By Anestassia