Define Random Shit Meaning

Random Shit
To have random fun or discutions. Usually said or done by Jay.

Yo wanna do sum random shit?

- stfu Jay
By Alanah
Random Shit
A carton of Bourbon & coke zeros

I feel bit shite I drank to much random shit last night.
By Andriana
Random Shit Day
When a day seems very random or when someone does random things for the day.

"Wow today is a real random shit day huh?, "Whatever, todays just a random shit day for me."
By Vanya
Dog Shit Random
A dogshit random is known as this shit cod player named jose or TheOpticGama

By Hazel
Random Shit
shit herself on stream and thinking about cleaning my first 2nd to be in the same room 2nd andI is not the froma and have it was you birthday to the one who 6th of your wallet and My dad thought there was just paper and the caplets the 2nd the 2nd and have been in my boi with internet explorer for a couple hours to get to their game early.

Jill: what the fuck are you writing you degenerate fuckwit
Bill: ahh some random shit i guess
By Tedi