Define Rating Meaning

The rating as to how attractive or hot a girl is. It generally goes in the order of:
Some people also rate the rest of their body.
So if someone tells you a girl is a 7-6-7, they mean her butt is a 7 out of 10, her breasts are a 6 out of 10, and her face is a 7 out of 10 also.

Guy 1: Dang man, Ashley's rating is 8-9-7!
Guy 2: But Amanda is a 9-9-8!
By Candis
Rate Rate
used in the north to describe something that is really really good. Alternatively "right right"

The mighty Boosh is rate rate!
By Ursulina
To be of high quality

geezer you are rated I know
By Randi
when someone does something that deserves praise

Luckie, " I tingsed canfield man"
Smith," Aaaaah ... ratings bruv"
By Anett
when u tell how hot someone is (in most cases on Instagram)

Tim: Hey man what would you rate that bomb ass chick?
Josh: A solid 10 bro!
By Beatrisa
The state of being neither overrated nor underrated, but still noteworthy.

A: "I think that Chicago is seriously underrated."
B: I don't think it's either overrated or underrated, just rated.

A: "I think that the rural MidWest is seriously underrated."
B: I think it would have to be rated at all in order to be underrated.
By Kelli
Be Rate
A nothern english term used when someone does not know how a situation will turn out and is passed worrying about it.

Jimmy that exam is tomorrow and you have not revised.
Ahh be rate.
By Corrianne
1. To think something is sick, cool, good or hot.
2. The price you charge for a good or service. ie Drugs

1. "I fully rate the new mags you've got."
"I really rate that new girl at work."
2. "$250AUD an ounce is the rate. You don't like it, fuck off."
By Max
1. Used in Jerry Jackson films and the narrator is unable to pronounce "right", so the word rate is used. Oh No! is used in a high pitch voice during some episodes to create suspense and tension. Also animatiosn spelt incorrectly "animatens".
2. To rate someone (1-10)

That is like rate funny, LMAO!
By Imogene
Rate That
Rate that is a term used to agree with a comment or statement in general conversation.

It is used to say the comment or statement made is worthy of being rated.

Abraham - "This teachers a cunt"
Bobby - "Rate that!"
By Joanie