Define Read Meaning


Ooh, that was a read!
By Meris
When someone does not get a text back, most commonly from a girl or boy the person likes.

Boy* hey can we meetup sometime?
Girl he likes* "read 2:30pm"
By Leland
In competitive Smash Bros and possibly other fighting games, a read is a term used to describe when a player predicts their opponents actions and takes advantage of them - usually leading to a KO

*Player 2 - *rolls around the stage*
Player 1: *forward smashes player 2 in the opposite direction and KO's Player 2

"That read made every English teacher in America happy."
By Pet
read (v.) to translate written text into meaningful ideas within one's own mind. People usually read to gain knowledge or to awaken their imagination. Sadly, the act of reading seems to have been "bred out" of the human race. People these days would much rather desensetize themselves with stupid rap noise and violent, pornographic, and otherwise unintelligent forms of media. If you are in junior high and find it hard to read, do yourself a favor and get help. No offense! Reading is a great and powerful thing, and only by fully taking advantage of it can one open his or her mind to the possibilities of his or her own future.

Ranting is fun. Go read a book. No, your porno magazing doesn't count.
By Ebony
something that people don't do enough of these days

By the age of 3 I could read
(no kidding)
By Verile
to tell someone you are reading is the code for wanking. this is appropriate as no one really reads anymore, so it's unlikely to get mistaken.

dude1: hey man, what's up?
dude2: fuck off i'm reading!
dude1: awh dude!
By Deidre
when you find a cha ray and she hooks up with you and sucks the dick

I got the read from linnea last night
By Nikolia
One that ruins a joke, repeats a joke continual times

"A curtis read"
By Harriott
Read For Read
an instance in which 2 people read (drag, roast, insult) each other for filth.

girlll, wanna do a read for read? i'll read you to filth.
By Deane
On Read
When someone receives one or more text messages from another person but doesn’t respond, they’re leaving the sender on read. As in, the sender can see that their texts were read, but there’s no reply.

(Pronounced as “on red.”)

“Jason texted me five times last night but I left him on read.”
By Phillida