Define Real Talk Meaning

Real Talk
A term used for talking about things that are profound or meaningful. The opposite of facebook.

Did you see the earthquake in Japan?
Yeah, I hope there were minimal casualties in that earthquake.

Bob, that is real talk!
By Blanche
Real Talk
true; truth; started in frisco now in sac

kid1: damn man jlo's booty is Huge!
kid2: real talk man!!
By Gratia
Real Talk
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

black guy looking in his fridge:

"ohh snap fried rice! Oh Im bout to straight up kill this chinese food man and dats real talk!"
By Reena
Real Talk
used to reassure a statement to people with doubts, da truth

guy: bla, bla, bla
Guy2: for real?
guy: real talk!
By Suzie
Real Talk
truth, factual information, also can be used to back up a sentence

White Guy: Whats goin on my friend(places hand on black guy's shoulder)

Black Guy: you dont know me and if you put your hands on my shoulder one more time, I will beat your a** Real Talk man
By Martelle
Real Talk
A heart to heart, pulling no punches, down to earth God's honest
conversation, getting down to serious business after light hearted banter.

Sooner or later I am going to have serious real talk with the woman that I love.
By Mirna
Real Talk
a term used in serious situations. Usually used when making a point, somewhat replacing the word "swear".

"... real talk I aint playin, Im bout to beat yo ass!"

"real talk get from infront of my house before I shoot you!"
By Rafa
Real Talk
1. Straight up, serious, factual communication.

2. Phrase sometimes included in a communication to convey to listeners/readers that the speaker/writer is not joking, and will back up what they're saying with facts or fists. (see example in definition # 8).

3. Phrase commonly used by jackasses who think it makes them sound serious, hard or knowledgeable.

Actual conversation on facebook btwn 2 moms about the apparent size of their fetus' dicks in ultrasounds:

Sharrell: He aint got shit on my sons when I was pregnant...lmao seriously.

Pretty: Man stop playin ma son's dick iz goin to be big azz fuck lol real talk.
By Nanice
Real Talk
A phrase two "bros" use to go to a different room by themselves during a party without the necessity to prove they're not homos.

(Person A hosting a party)
Person A: I heard Fred was talking to your girl yesterday on the phone...

Person B: Real talk. let's go to your room..
By Margery
Real Talk
Conversation of major importance.

*friend walks up on group having a discussion*

dude 1- "hey, could you give us a second? we're having a real talk"

*friend leaves no questions asked*
By Cherye