Define Really Meaning

1. in real life.
2. in large amounts; big time.
3. truely.

1. She was really dumb, but pretended to be smart.
2. He can really sing.
3. Did you really clean up your room?
By Donni
if u r gulible just like me.... really?!

sky is red...really?!
By Faustina
Term used to convey an emotion (particularily sincerity) and confirm a suspious behavior, act, sentence etc.

Person 1: How was cabo?
Person 2: I was in the Mexican jail.
Person 1: Really-really?


Person 1: I just bought a pound.
Person 2: Really-really!?
By Starr
I Really Really Really Really Really Really
"i really really really really really really really like you
and i want you and u want me and i want you too"

its a song go search it in google
i really really really really really really...
By Katheryn
Really... Really.
When you are trying to describe something but can not find the right adjective.

Person #1: "Man, I am soooooo horny right now, I could fuck a cow!"
Person #2: Ew, dude that's just "really... really."
By Nora
Really Really
Originated from the movie Shrek.

It is the response to the question "really?" To confirm that what you're saying is sincere and validated by your testimony.

This response should be seen as sincere instead of sarcastically or as a lie. It's to show that you have not left out any details and the story is as exactly as you said.

1: Wait.. you really love me?
2: Really really...
By Dolores
Not Really
Meaning; neither yes nor no at the same time; statement meaning in between, maybe or straddling the fence. Word used when trying to avoid a question.

You ask, "did you like the dinner?" Reply, "Not Really". Which means there was something you didn't like about it. Did you not like the greens or mash potatoes. It is either "Yes" or "No" This phrase should be used in conjunction with an explainatin following it.
By Carin
No... Really?
A sarcastic way of saying, "you just stated the obvious."

Typically used in the presence of a stupid person.

Similar to no shit

Stupid person: the sun is out during the daytime.
Normal person: no... really?
By Christian
Really ????

- " my friends are coming over tonight"
- "really ???? "
By Marice
But Really
1. a phrase people say when they actually mean something that might have come off a bit sarcastic.
2. a phrase that can be added to the end of a statement when a person seriously means what they're saying

1. "i've been thinking about sellling my car haha.. but really, i need the money"
2. "Oh my god, sometimes i just want to shoot her. But Really! She can't keep her mouth shut!"
By Sonia