Define Rejection Meaning

What my love life currently consists of

She rejected me, and she did, oh and she did as well
By Myrtice
Rejection is an avoidable part of life. Nevertheless, rejection is a very painful experience. But life would be very boring without it. A person that has never experienced rejection is a sheltered little fuck with a perfect life; someone who has never had to work hard for anything. A person that is a stranger to struggle, pain and rejection is not worthy of respect. Even those people with "perfect" lives that never experience rejection are miserable. Look at any young rich celebrity; they're all strung out on all types of substances. Rejection is an experience that makes us all stronger. The world is a hard and cold place. Not getting the girl or guy of your desires or not getting to live the life you want will only give you the inspiration to try harder and improve yourself as a person.

I'm 26 years old and I have experienced rejection my entire life. But every time I look in the mirror I think "Damn, I am one handsome lucky bastard..."
By Faunie
Is trying hard to be accepted by people who think they are better than you. They string you along because they enjoy your attention. They want to be noticed just for their looks and they think everyone wants to be with them. You exhaust yourself trying to impress them. You take small rejections from them for awhile because you still want to dream about them. But eventually you will learn you are a worthless piece of shit around them and they are fake anyway. Finally after rejection hits you square in the face finally you want to avoid this person at all costs. You go through crying spells and depression. Then you start to accept how beautiful you are and go back to living your life in a way that only makes you happy.

I felt the literal pain of rejection right over my heart when I seen my crush, Will leaving me out of our company group picture. He didn't miss a beat because I am nothing to him.
By Tracey
My love life from my teens to even now in my late 20s. She rejected me, so did she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she, and she......

I despise rejection and can't figure out what my curse is.
By Loni
The only way to fix this - is ice - cream. This usually happens when someone asks someone else if they like them or want to date them.

Guy 1: I'm going to ask her out
Guy 2: Go ahead, but I think there will be a lot of rejection coming your way
Guy 1: Will you go out with me
Girl: No
By Catherine
Things you own that you thought would be worth something someday but are actually worth squat.

Like Barry Bonds rookie cards and Beanie Babies. "I got duped, all these baseball cards were supposed to be my retirement, but instead of being collectables, they're worthless rejectables!"
By Analiese

1) When someone wants something from someone but gets turned away.
2) One of the worst feelings in the world.
3) The subject of nearly every emo song ever written.

1) Bobby the Stud took the rejection in his stride, and oh, what a proud stride it is!
2) Woe, woe it is. The long lasting pain builds up inside, columinating never, always building. Like an endless wall the pain builds, blocking you from what you want, something you will never have, and will never lose again...
3) Ummmm.... "Eeeemo, eeeemo, EEEEEEEEMMMOOOOOO, I got rejected! Boo hoo, sooob soob, whimper, sniffle, shout! Screeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmm!" etc...
By Marcia
to ask someone out and be rejected. meaning they don't like you that way. Rejection where do we go from here?

if you haven't been Rejected your probably a robot and everyone hates you.
By Breena
The Reject
A move used in the Southern California dance style called "Jerking".

When a doo doo mama come up to you, just bust out the reject!
By Jennica
Rejectism is the act of people not passing the ball to you in any form of sport with a ball when you are clearly open and asking for the ball.

It is mainly used by people who are not big participaters in sport and when they actually feel like doing something no one passes them the ball

Person 1: *arms up* here, I'm over here

Person 2: *passes it to someone else*

Person 3: person 1, that was so rejectism

Person 1: I know, it's not fair. Rejectism isn't fair
By Sal