Define Remember When Meaning

Remember When
The most bittersweet kind of conversations. When you reminisce the good times you had with someone, but are sad because this means that you're done (or nearly done) making memories together.

Matt: "Remember when we went to the carnival and we just watched the stars?"
Romeo: "Yeah, we had some good times."
By Alvinia
But Remember When BamBam
This is for when People Bring up that fact that BamBam said nigga once 2 years ago and apologized for it. Said people forget to realize their oppars also have said nigga once upon a time.
If you don't take someones sincere apology after they went against their company just to apologize for this "But remember when BamBam" shouldn't be in your mouth.

"So, Sarah so and so said Nigga in a song.."
"But remember when BamBam said, Nigga? He said the N word and I'm just supposed to forgive him?"
"But Sarah, he apologized and hasn't done it again"
"I don't care. My faves said nigga 4 years ago and they are okay. But someone from Got7 I can never forgive"
By Trescha
Remember When Music Used To Be Good?
A recurring douchebag catchphrase used to summarize one's contempt for mainstream music, often in a narrow-sighted, nitpicking sort of manner. Instead of making an effort to find better songs and sticking with them, those of the douchebag kind usually throw all music into a slop bucket of discontent, grouping together genres and artists that could actually be liked by them if given a chance.

Tony: There are a few artists nowadays I don’t like.

Brad: Yeah, all music sucks now. Remember when music used to be good?
By Wilona
I Remember When I Had My First Beer.
An effective insult. Used when someone says something sophomoric. Made famous by Steve Martin on his "Wild and Crazy Guy" album.

(Audience member): What's your mood watch say?
(Martin): Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer.
By Meade
I Remember When I Had My First Beer.
A sentence said when one is acting very immature to the point of extreme annoyance, as in how a young person may act when they have their first alcoholic beverage. Can also be said to somebody who is acting irritatingly foolish when drinking, or to a lightweight at drinking. Taken from a line Will Ferrell says to John C. Reilly in the comedy "Step Brothers".

1. Guy 1: "Dude, that Coors Light is gettin' to me!"

Guy 2: "Yeeeeah, I remember when I had my first beer..."

2. Guy 1: "You're such a butthead."

Guy 2: "Wow. I remember when I had my first beer."
By Edwina
I Remember When I Fell Off My Dinosaur
A term originating in Montgomery and Bucks County. It's largely seen as a derogatory word towards women. It's used to call a specific women a useless slut.

Jill: Hey Billy I am so sick of you, you are such an asshole.

Billy: Wow Jill all I know is I remember when I fell off my dinosaur and I am glad we are through.
Jill: You are such an asshole.
By Ginelle